4 nurses making the headlines at work and outside


Here are four nurses who have made headlines for their leadership efforts on and off the job since October 6:

1. Sandra Swenor of Massachusetts credited Cindy Edwards, RN, with saving her life after the nurse stepped in to perform compressions when the woman had a seizure at a concert. Ms Swenor was then taken to Backus Hospital in Norwich, Connecticut, where Ms Edwards works.

2. Lori Ouding, RN, pediatric nurse in Chicago, received a $ 15,000 grant from a municipal program to help fund her mission to start a year-round indoor farmer’s market called Food Matters in the neighborhood. of Bronzeville of the city. Ms. Ouding’s goal for the planend dining room is to improve nutrition and access to food in the community.

3. Mississippi Heroes, a nonprofit organization that celebrates lay and professional caregivers, honored Efua Asieda, RN at Gulfport Memorial Hospital on October 18. She was named by the wife of a former cancer patient, Rachel Barajas, who said Ms Asieda was a constant support pillar during her late husband’s cancer journey, even though Ms Asieda was not their assigned nurse.

4. Sandra Lindsay, RN, a nurse who made history last year as the first American to be vaccinated against COVID-19, hit the headlines again when she received her booster dose. at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York on October 6.


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