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House passes same-sex marriage bill in response to High Court

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House has overwhelmingly approved a bill to protect same-sex and interracial marriages. Tuesday’s vote comes as a direct confrontation with the Supreme Court, whose conservative majority in striking down abortion access Roe v. Wade pointed out that other rights could be threatened. While the Respect for Marriage Act easily passed the House, it is likely to stall in the Senate, where most Republicans could stop it with a filibuster. But it’s part of a political strategy setting up an election-year roll call that has forced all lawmakers to make their views known. Dozens of Republicans joined Democrats in Tuesday’s House move.

Most major nations are slow to act on climate change goals

WASHINGTON (AP) — Most major countries are finding it easier to promise to fight climate change than to actually do so. Experts who track actions to cut carbon emissions say only the European Union is on track to do what is needed to limit global warming to a few tenths of a degree higher. A new report finds that the United States is on track to reduce emissions by 24% to 30% by 2030, but that’s well below the country’s goal of reducing 50% to 52%. Experts say other nations, particularly China, are waiting to see what happens in the United States. But Congress and the Supreme Court have thwarted the Biden administration’s climate action plan.

UK breaks record for highest temperature as Europe sizzles

LONDON (AP) — Britain has broken its record for the highest temperature on record amid a heatwave that has scorched swaths of Europe. The national meteorologist predicted it would be even hotter in a country ill-prepared for such extremes. The typically temperate nation is the latest to be hit by unusually hot and dry weather that has sparked wildfires from Portugal to the Balkans and led to hundreds of heat-related deaths. Images of flames hurtling towards a French beach and Britons suffocating have rekindled concerns about climate change. Britain’s Met Office meteorological agency recorded a provisional reading of 40.3 degrees in Coningsby, eastern England.

Maryland voters pick candidates to succeed GOP Governor Hogan

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen has won the Democratic nomination for a second term as both parties closely watch the fiercely competitive race to replace Republican term-limited Governor Larry Hogan. Van Hollen defeated a little-known challenger on Tuesday just months after suffering a minor stroke. He will be the heavy favorite in November’s general election in the liberal state, where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1. Hogan backed his former cabinet member Kelly Schulz against far-right state lawmaker Dan Cox, who is backed by former President Donald Trump. The high-profile Democratic race for governor includes former US Labor Secretary Tom Perez and bestselling author Wes Moore.

Election officials urged to prepare for shortages and delays

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Election officials across the country gathering under heightened security in the swing state of Wisconsin are urged to prepare for supply chain issues that could lead to shortages of paper used for everything from ballots to vote to “I voted” stickers for years to come. The National Association of State Election Officers’ summer meeting brought together nearly 200 people, including election officers from 33 states, election security experts, interest groups who work with elections, vendors and others. Election security experts have told election managers to prepare for supply chain issues affecting paper, hardware and other services that last not just months, but potentially years.

Putin in Tehran wins strong support from Iran on Ukraine

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has won Iran’s staunch support for his country’s military campaign in Ukraine, with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei saying the West opposes an “independent and strong”. Khamenei said if Russia hadn’t sent troops to Ukraine it would have faced a NATO attack later, a statement that echoed Putin’s own rhetoric and reflected growing ties close ties between Moscow and Tehran as they both face crippling Western sanctions. NATO allies have increased their military presence in Eastern Europe and sent weapons to Ukraine to counter the Russian attack. Putin spoke with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about some of the most pressing issues facing the region.

Frequent lockdowns may have contributed to Uvalde tragedy

UVALDE, Texas (AP) — Nearly two months after a fatal shooting at a Texas elementary school, a Texas House of Representatives committee report found nearly 400 officers from local, state and federal agencies responded to the 77-minute rampage in which 19 children and two teachers died. According to the report, the frequent lockdowns contributed to “a diminished sense of alertness to responding to security alerts”. Nearly 50 security alerts and closures have been issued in Uvalde since February, many attributed to “bailouts” — a local term for people fleeing law enforcement after crossing the United States, according to The report.

Fake Georgia voters could face charges in election probe

ATLANTA (AP) — The Georgia prosecutor investigating former President Donald Trump and others’ unlawful interference in the state’s 2020 election has told 16 Republicans who served as bogus voters that they may face criminal charges. They all signed a certificate falsely stating that then-President Donald Trump had won the 2020 presidential election and declaring themselves the state’s “duly elected and qualified” voters, even though Joe Biden had won. state and that a list of Democratic voters had been certified. Eleven of them filed a motion on Tuesday to quash their subpoenas, calling them “unreasonable and oppressive”.

FDA assesses oversight changes after formula, Juul issues

WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the Food and Drug Administration is calling for a review of the agency’s food and tobacco control programs. Robert Califf’s announcement follows months of criticism of his agency’s handling of formula shortages and e-cigarette reviews. Califf is trying to brush off several controversies that have dominated his second term at the helm of the agency. Califf says a non-governmental research group will summon experts to provide the assessments within 60 working days. The agency has been hammered for the delayed response to contamination concerns at the country’s largest infant formula factory. He has also been criticized for his handling of e-cigarette apps from Juul and other vaping companies.

Automakers are targeting middle households with a new generation of electric vehicles

WARREN, Mich. (AP) — In their first electric vehicle rollouts, U.S. automakers targeted people who appreciate short-range fuel-efficient cars. Then came electric vehicles for luxury buyers and drivers of vans and delivery vans. Now, companies are focusing on the heart of the market: the compact SUV. In their drive to ensure electric vehicles dominate vehicle sales in the years to come, automakers are promoting their new models as having the lineup, price and features to rival their gas-powered rivals. Some are so far very popular. Ford’s $45,000+ Mustang Mach E is sold out for the model year. General Motors’ Chevrolet brand just introduced an electric version of its Blazer, also starting at around $45,000, when it goes on sale next summer.

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