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FBI seized top-secret documents in Trump estate search

WASHINGTON (AP) — Court documents show the FBI recovered documents labeled “top secret” from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Documents released Friday indicate that the seized documents include some that were marked top secret and also “compartmentalized sensitive information,” a special category intended to protect the nation’s most important secrets and those that, if revealed publicly, would could cause “exceptionally serious” harm to U.S. interests. . Court records did not provide specific details about what information the documents might contain. Trump backed the warrant’s “immediate” release, but argued the government could have had them anytime they asked.

Author Salman Rushdie on fan after stabbing in New York

CHAUTAUQUA, NY (AP) — Salman Rushdie’s agent says the writer is on a ventilator after he was stabbed in the neck and abdomen at a stage in western New York where he was about to give a conference. Rushdie, 75, was airlifted to hospital and underwent surgery after being stabbed at Chautauqua Institution on Friday. His agent, Andrew Wylie, said the writer had a damaged liver, severed nerves in an arm and an eye that he was at risk of losing. Rushdie’s novel ‘The Satanic Verses’ prompted death threats from the Iranian leader in the 1980s, police arrested the man who attacked the writer and identified him as Hadi Matar, 24 years, of Fairview, New Jersey. Matar’s attorney declined to comment.

Praise, concern in Iran after Rushdie attack; calm government

Tehran, Iran (AP) – Iranians are reacting with praise and concern to the attack on novelist Salman Rushdie – the target of a decades-old fatwa by the late Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, calling for his dead. It remains unclear why Rushdie’s attacker, identified by police as Hadi Matar of Fairview, New Jersey, stabbed the author as he prepared to speak at an event out west on Friday from New York. Iran’s theocratic government and its state media also attributed no motive to the attack. But in Tehran, some willing to speak to The Associated Press have praised an attack on a writer they say smeared the Islamic faith with his 1988 book “The Satanic Verses.”

IRS free file system expanded one step closer to Dems’ bill

WASHINGTON (AP) — The landmark climate change and health care bill passed by Democrats and soon to be signed by President Joe Biden will bring U.S. taxpayers one step closer to a free electronic tax filing system run by the government. It’s something lawmakers and advocates have been looking for for years. For many Americans, it is frustrating that in addition to having to pay sometimes hefty tax bills, they also have to shell out extra money for tax preparation programs or preparers due to an increasingly heavy US tax system. more complex. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said, “It’s definitely something we should be doing, and when the IRS has the proper resources, it’s something that will happen.”

Southern Baptists say denomination faces DOJ investigation

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention say several of their denomination’s top entities are under investigation by the US Department of Justice. The SBC statement gave few details about the investigation, but said it dealt with sexual abuse. The SBC, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States, has been plagued with issues related to clergy sex abuse in recent years. Earlier this year, an SBC task force released a stunning 288-page report by outside consultant Guidepost Solutions. The firm’s seven-month independent investigation revealed disturbing details about how faith leaders mishandled sex abuse complaints and mistreated victims.

Sinema took money from Wall Street while scrapping taxes on investors

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senator Kyrsten Sinema has received a $1 million raise in campaign money over the past year from private equity professionals, hedge fund managers and venture capitalists including she was a strong advocate in Congress. That’s according to an Associated Press review of campaign finance disclosures. The revelation comes after the Arizona Democrat single-handedly thwarted her party’s longstanding goal of raising taxes for those investors. Sinema says the contributions have not influenced his thinking on the matter. But many in his party consider Sinema’s defense of the favorable tax treatment enjoyed by such investors to be indefensible.

Ukrainian minister says Russia is blocking access to medicine

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine’s health minister has accused Russian authorities of committing a crime against humanity by blocking access to affordable medicine in areas occupied by his forces since the invasion of the country 5 and a half months ago. In an interview with The Associated Press, Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Liashko said Russian authorities have repeatedly blocked efforts to provide state-subsidized drugs to residents of occupied towns and villages. . The World Health Organization said it had recorded 445 attacks on Ukrainian hospitals and other health facilities as of August 11, which directly left 86 people dead and 105 injured. But Liashko said the much higher number of casualties caused by damaged roads and bridges delaying ambulances “cannot be calculated”.

Jury: Democratic PAC defamed Roy Moore and awarded him $8.2 million

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Republican Roy Moore of Alabama has won a libel lawsuit against a Democratic-aligned super PAC over campaign ads dating to his 2017 Senate failure. A jury awarded Roy Moore 8.2 million in damages on Friday after it was discovered that a Democratic-aligned super PAC made false and libelous statements with a television ad during the U.S. Senate race in Alabama. Moore called the decision a vindication. The majority in the Senate PAC argued that the announcement was essentially true and planned to appeal. Moore is a former judge known for supporting public displays of the Ten Commandments and tough stances against same-sex marriage. The misconduct allegations against Moore rocked his 2017 race, which was won by a Democrat.

China sends fighter jets to Thailand for joint exercises

BANGKOK (AP) — The Chinese Air Force is sending fighter jets and bombers to Thailand on Sunday for a joint exercise with the Thai military. China’s Defense Ministry said the training will include air support, strikes on ground targets, and small- and large-scale troop deployment. China’s expansion of military activities in the Asia-Pacific region has alarmed the United States and its allies and is part of growing strategic and economic competition that has stoked tensions between the world’s two largest economies. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin visited Thailand in June as part of an effort to strengthen what he called the US’ “unprecedented web of alliances and partnerships” In the region.

Suspect in 4 New Mexico murders left a trail of violence

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (AP) — Police and court records show the prime suspect in the murder of four Muslim men in Albuquerque has committed regular acts of violence in the six years since his relocation to the United States. Police believe 51-year-old Afghan refugee Muhammad Syed tracked the movements of his victims before ambushing them late at night, apparently motivated by interpersonal disputes. He is charged with the deaths of two men and is the prime suspect in the murders of two others. Syed denied any involvement in the murders. Members of Albuquerque’s small Muslim community come to terms with the idea that they may never have really known Syed.

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