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Greenland’s ‘zombie ice’ will raise sea levels by 10 inches

A new study reveals that Greenland has over 120 trillion tons of ice that can be considered zombie ice that will raise global sea levels by at least 10 inches. Monday’s study examines the edges of the Greenland Ice Sheet, ice that the authors say is starved and dead. It will inevitably melt and increase sea level rise, whatever else happens with future carbon pollution. It’s because of decades of global warming. 3.3% of Greenland’s ice sheet does not replenish with winter snow. The scientists calculated the ratio of the area receiving new ice to that starving for new ice and estimated that this sea level rise was on its way no matter what.

US: Examination of Trump’s potentially privileged documents has already been completed

WASHINGTON (AP) — A legal filing shows the Justice Department completed its review of potentially privileged documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate this month. Monday’s filing says the department has identified “a limited set of documents that potentially contain privileged attorney-client information.” documents seized and to void anything that may be covered by claims of legal privilege. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday in federal court in Florida. The Justice Department said in its filing that it would release more information later this week.

Clashes erupt after Iraqi Shiite cleric resigns, 15 dead

BAGHDAD (AP) — An influential Shiite cleric announced he would step down from Iraqi politics, and hundreds of his angry supporters responded by storming the government palace. The move sparked violent clashes with security forces in which at least 15 protesters were killed. Medical officials said dozens of protesters suffered gunshot wounds and others were injured by tear gas and physical altercations with riot police. Monday’s protests followed Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s announcement. Iraq’s government has been deadlocked since al-Sadr’s party won the largest share of seats in October’s parliamentary elections, but not enough to secure a majority government.

Police: Heroic Safeway employee confronted gunman in store

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Authorities in Bend, Ore., say an employee who died in a shooting at a Safeway supermarket attacked the shooter in the produce section and tried to disarm him, likely avoiding others dead. The 66-year-old employee, identified as Donald Ray Surrett Jr., was hailed a hero by police in the city about 160 miles southeast of Portland. Surrett and a customer, Glenn Edward Bennett, 84, were killed on Sunday evening and two others were injured. Police say the shooter committed suicide moments later and was found dead “in the vicinity” of an AR-15 type weapon and a shotgun.

Man suspected of killing 3 ‘terrorized’ Detroits, chief says

DETROIT (AP) — Detroit authorities are releasing more details about three random killings on city streets for about two hours. Mayor Mike Duggan says the shooter may have been emboldened on Sunday when he did not meet police after the first shooting. The mayor says no one called 911. The shooting began at 4:45 a.m. Sunday. Three people were killed in about two hours and a fourth was injured but survived. A 19-year-old boy is in custody. Police say he may have a mental illness. The man was arrested following a denunciation from one of his relatives. Among the victims was a woman at a bus stop who was planning to move to a suburb soon.

UN agency to inspect Ukrainian nuclear power plant in urgent mission

KYIV (AP) — A UN nuclear monitoring team has embarked on an urgent mission to protect the endangered Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which has been at the heart of fighting in Ukraine. The world hopes that this long-awaited trip will help avert a nuclear catastrophe. The trip is to a country where the world’s worst nuclear accident, Chernobyl in 1986, sent radiation through the region, shocking the world and intensifying a global push away from nuclear power. The stakes for the UN mission are high due to the fighting in and near the factory, and because the factory is occupied by the Russian military. Elsewhere, fresh fighting was reported in southern Ukraine, with Ukrainian forces attacking a Russian-occupied town and nearby areas.

NASA cancels launch of new moon rocket after engine problem

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA canceled the launch of its new moon rocket on an uncrewed test flight after a cascade of last-minute problems, including unexplained problems with an engine. The next launch attempt won’t be until Friday at the earliest. The 322-foot rocket was scheduled to lift off Monday morning from Florida on its maiden flight, a mission to propel an empty capsule into orbit around the moon. The shakedown flight will be a big step forward in the US quest to put astronauts back on the moon for the first time since the Apollo program ended 50 years ago.

The last moments of Diana: a French doctor remembers a “tragic night”

PARIS (AP) — It has been nearly 25 years since Princess Diana died in a high-speed car crash in Paris. The French doctor who treated her at the scene recounted what happened. Dr Frédéric Mailliez told The Associated Press how he tried to save her that night of August 31, 1997. He remembers speaking to her in English, giving her a breathing bag and calling emergency services. Diana, her companion Dodi Fayed and their driver died in a car accident in the Alma tunnel on the banks of the Seine. The nearby Flame of Liberty monument has become a place of remembrance attracting fans of all generations and nationalities.

Serena Williams takes center stage at US Open as end nears

NEW YORK (AP) — Fans came a long way at the US Open for Serena Williams. They can’t wait to see her play or if they’re not lucky enough to hold the right ticket, hope for an autograph, a peek at her practice or just the chance to breathe the same Flushing Meadows air as her. . With thousands of people lining up to enter the tournament grounds hours before his game on Monday night, no one could be sure how many more opportunities there would be for all of this. Williams is a 23-time Grand Slam champion who turns 41 next month and has said she is ready to move on.

Tea drinkers benefit from possible health benefits, study finds

People who drink tea may be slightly more likely to live longer than those who don’t. That’s according to a large study of British tea drinkers published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine. Scientists found that two or more cups a day were linked to a modest benefit: a 9% to 13% lower risk of death from any cause. Adding milk or sugar did not change the results. Previous studies in China and Japan, where green tea is popular, have suggested health benefits. The new study extends the good news to Britain’s favorite drink: black tea. A study like this is based on observing people’s habits and health. He cannot prove cause and effect.

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