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It has been 25 years since the start of Batman: Along Halloween by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale. Over the next two and a half decades, Along Halloween has become an essential story for Batman fans to read and live, one that has influenced others Batman stories as well as a sequel, a semi-spin-off with Catwoman, and a two-part animated adaptation. Today, to celebrate its 25 years, Loeb and Sale return to the world with Batman: The long Halloween special with a new story that explores one of the lingering mysteries of their classic.

Taking place some time after Black victory, Batman is investigating a spate of Julian Day / The Calendar Man crimes leading up to Halloween. As day approaches, Two-Face resurfaces as the case that fundamentally changed their lives, and Gotham City’s future is slightly revisited.

Jeph Loeb instantly takes you back to the world of Along Halloween. It’s as if no time has passed as he captures the same characterizations of Batman, Gordon, and Two-Face as in his landmark. Batman mystery while exploring the changes of other characters such as Calendar Man and Robin. Loeb’s writing is crisp and fits the noir genre well with Batman’s inner dialogue and an intriguing mystery surrounding Calendar Man’s motives. For a 48 page book, it feels like there’s a lot more to the story and Loeb doesn’t miss a beat with his pace and the way he draws you in by using each page to move the story forward. , delve into the character’s psyche, and even offer a few comedic bits like Gordon telling Batman about Barbara’s request for Robin to go with her.

Of course, Loeb’s storyline isn’t the only reason the story is skyrocketing. Just as Loeb returns to Gotham City, so does Tim Sale with his artwork. The sale is fantastic as always, creating a dark atmosphere for Gotham with its distinct styling and character designs. The front page of Batman is so in sync with the Dark Knight that Sale’s way of visualizing the fight scenes and the impact of Batman’s punches. The issue is also a reminder of how his take on Two-Face is one of the villain’s most grotesque yet animated looks in the comics. Colorist Brennan Wagner joins Sale on artistic tasks, which perfectly expresses the film noir feel that Loeb and Sale seek, and the letter Richard Starkings, whose letter designs are an understated aspect of the book along with the unique ways in which Harvey and Two-Face are shown. a separate dialogue where the emotions of the whole cast are emphasized.

Batman: The Long Halloween Special is a very welcome return to one of the most revolutionary and influential Batman stories of the modern era. It’s great to see Loeb and Sale together again as they create a very compelling story in their world as Wagner and Starkings elevate their work even more. Fans of Along Halloween Not only will appreciate this, but probably want more with the tantalizing possibility that the team leaves at the end for other adventures.

Rating: 10/10

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