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Renowned headphone and audio company Beyerdynamic recently announced their new SPACE speakerphone, perfect for taking work calls and then listening to music once you’re offline. This is a premium speaker for the work-from-home environment thanks to multiple use cases.

If you need a speaker for your business requirements and want to be able to use it as a portable Bluetooth speaker with premium sound, this is for you. Beyerdynamic talks about its renowned audio quality, the sleek design and the LED navigation ring on the top, as well as the auto mode switching feature which makes it an easy and seamless experience for users.

Combining Beyerdynamic’s decades of microphone expertise with 360-degree microphone technology means professionals on the other end of a conference call can annotate you with crystal clarity. The company says it’s perfect for personal private work calls or meetings with up to six participants. Plus, each person’s voices are automatically adjusted to ensure the best audio experience.

Beyerdynamic black SPACE speaker

Touch controls on the top also make interaction easy. For example, an RGB light strip gives users visual feedback when they are on a call, listening to music, or visualizing when the mute button is activated during a conference call or chat.

When you’re done working and out of meetings, it will easily pair to any Bluetooth device for music playback. There is also a “corporate mode” which will prevent any unauthorized device from trying to connect and drop a call. Even better, Beyerdynamic has created a new automatic audio switching mode for the best experience. It will use “voice mode” for intelligible voice reproduction, high clarity and less bass during calls. Then, once it recognizes music playing, the SPACE instantly switches to ‘Music Mode’ with enhanced audio profiles to enhance the sound.

If you’ve never used a standard speaker, they often lack bass or the power needed to play music at a pleasing quality or volume level. Beyerdynamic promises the opposite with the SPACE speaker and suggests that the powerful 1.5-inch full-range speaker with two passive radiators is very powerful thanks to the 5W RMS speaker.

In terms of other specs and features, the SPACE works via Bluetooth or USB-C, has a Kensington lock for desktop settings to prevent theft, works with Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and has about 20 hours of autonomy.

The Beyerdynamic SPACE is available in three colors for $179 at the Beyerdynamic store, Amazon, and participating retailers. Grab yours from the link below.


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