Block Party is out of beta and ready to block anyone who likes bad tweets


Block Party, the more tolerable anti-harassment service that specializes in using Twitter, is no longer in beta and is now available. Block Party automates the tedious process of moderating your Twitter feed, filtering out content from people you don’t want to see for later review, and starting today, blocking accounts that retweet or like a bad tweet. of your choice with blocklists.

Block Party services are available in three different levels. Free Basic Accounts can use Block Party’s Moderate Filters to capture @mentions and place them in a “Lockdown Folder” for later review. Premium accounts, which start at $ 12 per month, include tighter filters, blocklists, a help view to allow friends or family to review disturbing tweets, bulk actions to block or disable multiple accounts in your lockout record at once and watchlists for tracking accounts after you cut them off. The $ 13 per month Supporter tier includes all of these features and the ability to try new features before they are released.

Block Party offers a lot, but the two basic ideas – filters and blocklists – could make a big difference to anyone who has to use Twitter for their job or who has a top account that is already the target of harassment. The company has also tried to be careful with how it implements the two features. Blocklists are capped at 100 accounts per list (you can have unlimited lists) in the hopes that this is an amount small enough that you can view the list for anyone you possibly want. still be see on your timeline. Meanwhile, filters can be set to remove spam accounts (new accounts without a profile picture, for example) or adjusted even further to only show @mentions from people you follow or have replied to recently. Twitter offers both features to some extent, but it lacks flexibility, focusing on blocking and muting specific words or accounts, without all the automation or customization.

Twitter has also taken steps to offer more moderation and privacy tools, like the built-in software blocking tool released this week or concepts to hide old tweets or limit who can see what you liked. So far, however, Block Party has a head start and should make a much easier difference in the quality of your timeline in just a few steps.

You can sign up and read more examples of Block Party uses on the company’s website.


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