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A treacherous tale

The Cambridge Bookstore Series Book 2

Elizabeth Penney

St. Maarten pocket book

August 23rd2022

A treacherous tale by Elizabeth Penney takes place in an English bookshop with the main character Molly Kimball.

“I had the idea of ​​writing a story with children’s books. In the previous book I mentioned it and tried to use it in this book. It developed in that the author of the book wrote a new edition. I also integrated an Anglo-Saxon archaeological dig around the area. It was near the property where the author lived. The mystery plot is about how the items are sold from what they unearthed. I researched the legends and folklore of the area to include.

“I even decided to include an archaeological dig. I am fascinated by them. I recently saw a movie called “The Dig” on Netflix. In England in the 1930s, someone dug up burial sites and found an entire ship. I like the idea of ​​finding objects that reflect their lives. Maybe something could be found that no one has discovered before. I read how in the Cambridge area a dig found jewels of someone believed to be a princess. It gave me the idea. It seems that every time the ground is dug, evidence is found of a previous civilization.

Lately, Molly has felt like she might have fallen into a fairy tale: she reinvigorated the family bookstore Thomas Marlowe-Manuscripts and Folios, made friends in her new home in Cambridge, England, and even develops a little romance with handsome Kieran, a bike shop owner with a somewhat intimidating family pedigree.

Having recently discovered strawberry girls, a classic children’s tale, Molly is delighted to learn that the author, Iona York, lives nearby. But while visiting the famous author at her charming cottage in Hazelhurst, an old acquaintance of Iona falls off her roof and dies.

“I thought of a fictional book called The Strawberry Girls. I decided to build a story around it. I thought it was cute to have two sisters born around a strawberry moon in a thatched cottage. These children were characters in a book, but they existed. I put in the towers where the princess was locked up.

Then, when one of Iona’s daughters, an inspiration for the original Strawberry Girls, goes missing, Molly begins to worry that this story might be more Brothers Grimm than happily ever after. Especially after Molly learned of the mysterious death of Iona’s husband and co-author of strawberry girls. Molly must piece together the clues before someone turns this sweet story sour.

“I like to include scenes from a fictional book in the stories. My next book will have a gothic theme around August. They have a cousin who is studying gothic literature with someone who writes a gothic novel, published in the mid 1800’s. They used some themes and motifs which I have included. I am writing excerpts from a gothic novel. It is titled The fatal folio because everyone who owns it dies.

Penney has many people of interest, several suspects connected to the Strawberry Girls. This includes family, neighbors and scholars carrying out archaeological digs. Once again, Molly works with her friends and family to solve the mysteries.




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