Book review: Doctor Dragon by Asimina Stasiopoulou


Children’s books that entertain young readers and also teach valuable life lessons are a great gift anytime of the year. These books help young people discover the world around them, especially during difficult times, while encouraging them to read for themselves.

Asimina Stasinopoulou’s Doctor Dragon, illustrated by Aristeidis Karavias, is now available online in English. The book features a young dragon named Hermes who is afraid to go to the doctor. Although her mother, Zacharenia, tells her they have to go, Hermes tries to avoid her. Along the way, however, he learns about the need for doctors and vaccines in our lives and the importance of hygiene to stay healthy and keep everyone safe.

The Dragon Doctor is the second book in the profession series and is a smart and fun way to teach how to protect both our own health and the health of the people around us. The charming illustrations will delight young readers and take them further into the story that follows Hermès on his journey to the doctor.

Asimina Stasinopoulou. Photo: Courtesy of Asimina Stasinopoulou

Stasinopoulou was born and raised in Athens and is the mother of a young son. She told the National Herald that “from a young age I loved to travel with my pen and capture my thoughts on paper.”

“In 2018, I published my first book titled ‘Sta Monopatia tou Erota’ (In the Paths of Love) in collaboration with Anatolikos editions and my first children’s book titled ‘O Drakos Pyrosvestis’ (The Fire Dragon) in collaboration with Oselotos editions. “

The Dragon Firefighter, available online in Greek, also features illustrations of Karavias and helps children understand the importance and benefits of Mother Nature in our lives. The book follows a little dragon as he learns that everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.

In 2019, his book ‘Paixnidia Exousias’ (Power Games) also by Oselotos was published, followed by the children’s book ‘O Drakos Yiatros’ (Doctor Dragon) in 2020 again with Oselotos publications. The Greek version of The Dragon Doctor was nominated for the Greek State Book Awards.

“In 2021, I collaborated with England-based publishing house Ontimes Books for the English translation and release of my children’s book The Dragon Doctor to the global market,” Stasinopoulou told TNH.

“I am a columnist in the ‘Pena’ column of Vivlion Orizontes and in the literary magazine ‘Thematofylakes logo technis’ where I still write today,” she added.

Stasinopoulou also maintains her own blog where she shares her opinions and suggestions with the public and her subscribers. on social networks.

In 2019 and 2020, she contributed the stories of her children, respectively ‘Sto Nisi tis Ftou Xelefterias’ and ‘To Magiko sentouki tou pappou’, to Kefalos, the literary magazine of Kefalonia.

Stasinopoulou’s latest adult novel, titled “Hi Goitia tis Elxis” (The Charm of Attraction), in Greek, is now available online at Elkistis Publishing.

Doctor Dragon by Asimina Stasinopoulou, in English, is available online.


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