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One, two, tighten my shoes.

We the Three Kings are a dozen cheap and the capture of 22 is a double crisis. Then return to Square One. In all corners of our lives, we use, count and number numbers. And in our new book, My Remarkable Journey, by Katherine Johnson (co-authored by Joylet Hirick and Catherine Moore), we know that careers require real math.

When Catherine Coleman was born in 1918, the Model T car sold for $ 350, but had just rolled off the assembly line. Women couldn’t vote, television wasn’t invented, and African Americans lived under the strict Jim Crow laws. Coleman’s parents, who owned a farm near the town of White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia, knew that school education was the best way to survive it and that all of their children would go to school. Insisted.

Early Coleman was the youngest, but by the time she graduated from high school at age 15, she needed more lessons to be successful, and teaching in a black school was the most important goal. likely. I was old enough to understand. The college spoke to Coleman’s innate curiosity, and she adored it. She planned to major in French “until the math teacher says so”.

One of them challenged her to become a “research mathematician”.

To be precise, Coleman quit the career path, got married and raised three daughters, then returned to work as a teacher and got a job on the Langley National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (“the predecessor of The NASA “). .. Field, Virginia (now Langley Air Force Base). His work was first and foremost that of “computing”. Literally, the program engineer was the one doing the math so that he didn’t have to do that. Coleman (then Goble, later Johnson) quickly entered the research division involved in the space race, and when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, she felt “its American competitive spirit” deep within. ‘herself. I did.

She remembered thinking, “We have to do something. “At that time, I hardly knew that ‘we’ would include me soon. “

So you saw the movie “Hidden Person” and you loved it. Much like the film’s model writer, Katherine Johnson. Here, she explains which parts were good and which Hollywood was wrong. Plus, it takes you back to the start of “My Amazing Journey”.

Johnson tells her story in a vivid and detailed way, in a way that brings her accomplishments together in a humble neon light, making sure that readers never forget who she is and what she’s done, but the others. Don’t brag about it without giving it enough credit. Its warmth and elegance are impressive. The same goes for the fact that she admits to having endured racism, patriarchy, and Jim Crow laws, but it’s June afternoon like they’re not even part of her equation. Shake them like a fly.

“My Remarkable Journey” takes the film’s in-depth take on Johnson and, as Dr Yvonne Cagle presented it, brings a full story to a new generation of young women. Find it and share it with your daughter. Or catch it in an audiobook. It is also important.

“My Amazing Journey: Memoirs” by Katherine Johnson, Joylet Hirick and Catherine Moore, 2021, Amistad, $ 25.99, p. 235

Book Review: “My Amazing Journey” Digitally Shows the Life of Katherine Johnson | Way of life

Source Link Book Review: ‘My Amazing Journey’ Digitally Shows the Life of Katherine Johnson | Way of life


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