Book Review: “The Storm of Echoes” by Christelle Dabos


The Storm of Echoes is the last chapter of Christine Dabos‘”The Quartet of Mirror Visitors”. In the first three books (A winter promise, Moonlight’s Disappearedand The memory of Babel) Dabos introduced readers to an amazing world and fascinating characters.

While the first three installments did a terrific job of not only creating the world and introducing the characters that inhabit it, they also introduced us to the terrifying mystery behind creation and the current state of the world. The main character, Ophelia, and her husband Thorn, sought out the mysterious person named God who was not only responsible for the creation of the family spirits that rule every ark – or fiefdom – on the world, but the mysterious Other who appears to be some sort of invisible entity who is the mortal enemy of God.

Ophelia and Thorn are still on the Ark called Babel, because it is the root of all mysteries. It turns out that it was here that God (or as his name should be spelled Goude) not only created the family spirits, but divided the world into its various arks. However, not everything is under his complete control – as the mysterious Other is still on the run and poses something of a threat to Goude’s plans for order and good government.

Somehow, Ophelia’s ability to use mirrors to travel from place to place is tied to how the Other looks in that realm. Is the Other some sort of reflection of Ophelia – an echo of her existence – or is it simply an entity that has been trapped in the dimension behind the mirrors? Is it the force that makes whole swaths of the planet disappear into nothingness – or is it happening because Goude loses control of his creation?

Dabos has done an incredible job of not only crafting an adventure story set in a world that is both foreign and familiar, but populating it with characters that readers will either learn to love or despise. Almost everyone Ophelia meets has their own agenda, but there are also a few surprises.

There are people who are genuinely caught up in events beyond their comprehension, but who still manage to find a way to rise above their own circumstances to impact their world and the lives of those around them. surround. Although these secondary characters do not appear as often as the protagonists, their importance cannot be underestimated.

It’s almost as if Dabos wanted to remind us that it takes the efforts of many, not just a few, to effect change. Each person in this series has a part to play in solving the mystery, however insignificant it may seem.

Of course, Ophelia is still the main character, and she’s just as intriguing in this book as she has been in previous ones. Stubborn, smart and brave, she continues to amaze everyone. She is the axis around which the story revolves and, as befits the center of the world, she is a firm point to which readers can cling. Ever-changing and self-aware, she has no trouble admitting she made a mistake, to herself and others, but she’s also confident in her abilities.

The Storm of Echoes by Christelle Dabos is a magnificent conclusion to “The Mirror Visitor Quartet”. It’s probably one of the best and most original young adult fantasy series you’ve ever read.


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