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The NFL Draft, the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoff race, the comeback MLB is in full swing.

There are a lot of sports going on, all at the same time. there’s not a lot going on in sports.

Listen to me.

It’s not like there’s a lot of buzz around the NFL Draft like you’d normally see in other years.

Dull franchises have the best picks and in terms of hype, whatever that’s worth, there’s not a whole lot of buzz surrounding this year’s quarterback class which is usually the topic of the day for football broadcasts on sports networks.

There aren’t many big-name quarterbacks as trade candidates on draft night either, unless the notion of a Jimmy Garoppolo trade does it for you.

Star wide receivers like Deebo Samuel and/or DK Metcalf might be on the move, but seriously, there are so many receivers out there now and a whole new crop coming this week, so a few changing Pro-Bowlers teams may not not have the seismic change across the league that I’m hoping for in terms of writing this column.

It’s business as usual.

The NBA playoffs didn’t have a major storyline, unless you wanted to count Devin Booker’s injury, but star player injuries are normal this time of year.

The playoffs that we already know are over are being dragged out to produce ratings and more money for the league because they know brands like me will be watching all of this.

Ben Simmons is not playing.

Again, business as usual.

The bleacher creatures that dwell in Yankee Stadium’s outfield are mad at anyone who doesn’t wear stripes, and Boston fans have a bone to pick with Kyrie Irving.

What’s new?

This last sports week is becoming my very own Groundhog Day.

I saw Terrell Owens catch a touchdown pass from Johnny Manziel in one of those novelty football leagues that come and go every spring, and I couldn’t help but smile, thinking those two of them have crossed all the parallel football leagues. existence before finally ending up on land in Georgia.

It’s like the end of a romantic comedy. A bad romantic comedy, it must be said.

Fast. Someone gives me a title I can write 500 words on.

It’s during a week like this that I understand why ESPN has had nothing but wall-to-wall coverage of LeBron James over the decades.

Speaking of LeBron, let’s talk about him and the Lakers.

I laugh. I would never do that to you.


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