Castellum, Inc. Announces Appointment of Former Congressman


POTOMAC, Md., Feb. 3 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Castellum, Inc. (OTC:ONOV) proudly announces that former Congressman, NBA player, Olympian and Rhodes Scholar Tom McMillen has joined the company’s advisory board. Castellum’s advisory board includes experienced business leaders and senior cybersecurity/information technology (IT) executives with business, government, and technical expertise to help drive business growth.

“We are delighted to announce that Tom McMillen has joined our advisory board,” said Mark Fuller, President and CEO of Castellum. “Tom brings to Castellum an excellent combination of public company experience, government expertise, great intelligence, financial knowledge and general business insight. He will add to our already excellent board of directors additional skills and abilities.”

McMillen was a Rhodes Scholargraduated from University of Maryland, play eleven years in the NBAwas a member of the 1972 Olympic team, served three terms in the U.S. House of Representativesand served as co-chair of the Presidential Council on Fitness and Sports. McMillen is currently CEO and President of the LEAD1 Association, which includes 130 leading college athletic programs representing more than $8 billion in revenue. During his career, McMillen has been an active investor, director and board member of numerous companies, including ten public companies. He was formerly a member of the University of Maryland System Board of Trustees. He was the Founding President of the National Fitness, Sports and Nutrition Foundation. His delivered, Off-limits, examines the conflicts between sport and ethics.

“I look forward to helping Mark and the Castellum team as they continue to grow the business and do important work defending our country on the 21ststbattlefield of the century,” said Tom McMillen. “Castellum has grown rapidly over the past three years, and I am delighted to join the company as it seeks to list its common stock on a later listed stock exchange. This year.”

About Castellum, Inc.

Castellum, Inc. (OTC: ONOV) is a technology services and solutions company that makes strategic acquisitions in the fields of cybersecurity, information technology, information warfare, electronic warfare, engineering systems, software engineering and software development. The company recently announced its latest letter of intent to acquire an East Coast government contractor with over $4 million in revenue.

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