Centrist Democrats balk at speedy House vote on budget bill


But to get the 72-hour rule in mind with a vote before the House ends on Friday, the final text would have to be released on Tuesday. House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn, DS.C., said he doubted the text would be ready on Tuesday, while Hoyer couldn’t predict whether he would be ready on Tuesday night or Wednesday.

“As soon as possible,” Hoyer said.

Even if the text is finalized quickly, the Congressional Budget Office is unlikely to be able to mark any provisions in time to produce an estimate for a vote on Friday. The Joint Committee on Taxation may have their estimates of the revenue provisions on time, but that wouldn’t present the full picture since some savings, like on prescription drugs, come from the expense side.

“The [CBO] the score is likely to take at least 10 days to two weeks, ”House Budget Speaker John Yarmuth, D-Ky, told reporters on Tuesday.

The five moderates were even firmer saying they needed the CBO and JCT estimates “to ensure that the final bill is indeed fiscally responsible.” The group wrote that they cannot support the package “until we have had the opportunity to look at these scores, which provide the true cost of the legislation”.


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