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Today, video games have become very popular with people of all ages and not necessarily teenagers. Even men and women who have grown children like to spend their free time playing an interesting game. Today, virtual entertainment is booming and more and more products of different genres are entering the market. This trend is driving an increase in the number of websites where video game reviews are posted. Building such websites can turn into a pretty good and profitable business. But before you start writing your own reviews, we recommend that you read the previously published articles.

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This article will help those new to writing video reviews, as it provides helpful tips and recommendations for writing a great article.

What should you do before writing an article?

Everything here is extremely simple and clear. First of all, you need to understand how proficient you are in terms of spelling. After all, even interesting and unique writing will repel readers if it contains a large number of errors. You can check the text using a free online service, or find a publisher and be prepared to pay for their services. Of course, working with a real person is best, as logical errors will also be corrected and the editor will be the first to assess the written article.

Then a good idea is to study the articles published by well-known magazines with video game news and reviews. These can be Game Informer, PC Gamer, and other world famous outlets. It is recommended that you read the articles you like several times. This will help you understand the writing styles and specifics of the different editions. The most important thing is to write your own opinion and avoid repeating what has been described in other reviews.

Actions to be taken

To write a quality review, you need to adhere to a certain algorithm. It can be described as six steps to take.

Play the game

In order for the article to be truly relevant and useful, it is recommended that you gain first-hand experience and play a video game on your own. This will allow you to study all the details of the product and familiarize yourself with its features. You shouldn’t write a review focusing only on the videos you watch online.

Checklist for video game reviewers

Write an introduction

It is recommended not to write more than 2-3 sentences here. The introduction shouldn’t be too long. Its main purpose is to briefly describe the essence of a video game without unnecessary detail. The introduction should attract and inspire the user to read the entire article.

Prepare short notes

This is the stage of creating a plan. Here it is necessary to summarize the information that should possibly be included in the review. It is at this point that you can already see the future structure of the article. You can also form a semantic core with key phrases that are to be used in the job. This process is part of SEO optimization and will help bring the website higher in the search results.

Write the review

Write down what you really liked and hated. It is recommended to pay attention to the characteristics of the game, for example, maps, a large selection of equipment, whether it is possible to improve the skills of heroes and other details. Don’t forget to mention the following aspects in the review:

  • graphic quality;
  • musical accompaniment atmosphere;
  • availability of trailers;
  • the scenario ;
  • the game.

Write examples and include links to the game to support your arguments and explain to the reader what the game is about. Some authors describe the pros and cons of the game in a separate section.

Conclusion paragraph

The last part should present the conclusion you come to as you play. Readers need to understand the general mind of the reviewer in order to decide if this video game is worth the money. In general, write down anything that you think is important. Avoid euphemisms.

Verification of the opinion

Before you publish a finished article, you should read it carefully and check for all kinds of styling and spelling errors. It is also necessary to verify the uniqueness of the text through special services because all the content to be published must be original and without catchwords. There are free online services that help get rid of verbal garbage.

Some important tips

It is always recommended to add images and screenshots to the text. It’s a good idea to include lists and tables. Such an article will look attractive and informative at first glance, and users will surely want to read it. You don’t have to add obvious information about the game on the review – who the developer is, year of release, technical requirements. After all, this is primarily a review of the game, not a statistical summary. Do not give the impression that the article was written by a fan of video games – it is best to write the text in the third person.

Here are some more useful tips:

  1. One thought must flow another – abrupt transitions from one subject to another are not acceptable.
  2. Spam should be avoided; you should learn to use special services that help detect it. Overspam is the multiple use of identical words in the text. They can easily be replaced by synonyms.
  3. You must not only describe, but also analyze.
  4. When writing a review, it is recommended to keep a balance – each part of the review and its thinking should take up as much space as it deserves.
  5. It is necessary to divide the work into paragraphs and not to write continuously.
  6. Make sure you proofread your text; preferably do it out loud and several times.
  7. It is recommended that you study the sources carefully so as not to mislead users with false information.
  8. Enjoy the game before you start to write a review on it. And it is recommended to play for a few days, not a few minutes.

To sum up, it should be noted that writing video game reviews can seem like a very easy task. But this is only so at first glance. Like any other job, it requires careful study and preparation. Additionally, people who write reviews on a professional level can make a lot of money with their posts.


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