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A federal judge ruled last Monday that former President Donald Trump likely committed a crime with his desperate attempt to void the 2020 election.

The judge called Trump’s myriad lawsuits, fulminations and efforts to foment an insurrection a “coup in search of legal theory.” The former president’s desperate attempt to retain office likely amounted to obstruction of legal process — and not just any legal process.

He was trying to prevent free people from choosing their own government and their own leaders.

That’s “Make America Great Again” style patriotism for you.

In the wake of the judge’s ruling, the nation has learned that more than seven hours of Trump’s phone recordings from January 6, 2021 – the day insurgents stormed the US Capitol, tried to stop certification of the 2020 election and tried to hang Vice President Mike Pence – were “missing”.

The missing records cover the hours mobs roamed the halls of Congress, assaulted police officers and ransacked the building that is a living symbol of American determination to govern themselves.

In the days and hours leading up to the looting of the Capitol, the former president and his allies urged the rioters to come together. Just before the attack on our temple of representative autonomy, Trump addressed the crowd and vowed to march with them to the Capitol. (He did not do it.)

More patriotism at MAGA.

How did Donald Trump react to these damning stories?

As he usually does when confronted with any evidence that suggests he is a demagogue, a con man, and a braggart.

By pointing his finger elsewhere – anywhere else – and trying to divert attention from his own offenses.

In an interview, the former president pleaded with Russian autocrat and butcher Vladimir Putin – you know, the guy who slaughters men, women and children in Ukraine – for help.

After all, which is more important: the deaths of thousands of innocent people or Trump’s political fortunes?

And why shouldn’t a former commander-in-chief get closer to a tyrant who has made undisguised threats to use nukes against the United States if he doesn’t get his way in Ukraine? ?

Once again, patriotism at MAGA.

Trump has said he wants Putin to spit dirt on Hunter Biden, the wasteful son of President Joe Biden.

Let’s deal with this the right way.

Hunter Biden’s alleged transgressions should be investigated.

In fact, they are.

Contrary to feverish accusations from Trump supporters that everyone is unaware of the young Biden’s unseemly activities, the Justice Department has been investigating and is investigating the whole mess. Investigators have gone through Hunter Biden’s records, interviewed his associates and even interviewed the man’s former girlfriends.

So far, no one in the Biden family appears to have called the investigation a “witch hunt” or invoked the Fifth Amendment, which protects against self-incrimination, even once, let alone hundreds of times – as did Trump’s children and associates when questioned under oath.

If there is evidence that Hunter Biden committed a crime, he should be charged and tried. If found guilty, he should face the consequences.

But that shouldn’t be one proposition or the other.

It should be both/and.

If Hunter Biden did anything wrong, that doesn’t mean Donald Trump and his cabal of family and cronies who tried to stop the American people from governing themselves should be given a pass.

They too should be investigated.

And if there is evidence that they have committed crimes – as there appears to be – they should be charged and tried.

If found guilty, they should suffer the consequences.

Being president is not a right.

It is a privilege and a duty.

One of the responsibilities of the position is to put the interests of the nation before their own.

Without a doubt, Joe Biden is not thrilled that the Justice Department is investigating his son.

But he doesn’t complain about it on every occasion. He does not complain that any attempt to investigate his son’s actions is a form of persecution.

And he’s not begging foreign dictators and murderers to keep his child from being held accountable for his own actions.

This is why Joe Biden will never command the sympathy or respect of the MAGA crowd.

He’s not a patriot at MAGA.

He’s just an old-fashioned patriot.

You know, the kind that puts country before self.


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