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PAWTUCKET — Following a second arrest of suspended police officer Daniel Dolan last week, the Pawtucket Police Department will pursue further administrative charges as they seek to fire him, Police Chief Tina Goncalves said.

Goncalves said the city and the Pawtucket Police Department were notified immediately that Dolan, who is currently suspended without pay from the department after allegedly following a youth to a pizza place and shooting him for a road rage incident in last June, was arrested in Coventry last Friday on misdemeanor charges of domestic disorderly conduct and domestic vandalism.

Under the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights, everyone is limited to the conditions set out in the law, which limit an officer’s right to terminate employment, Goncalves said.

Over the weekend, she said in a statement, the legal team reviewed her termination rights under these new charges.

“The current LEOBOR process is too restrictive and ties the hands of any municipality in terms of transparency,” the chief said.

“Under LEOBOR, these criminal charges, together with the criminal charges of the past, will absolutely be taken into account when pursuing the LEOBOR process. An administrative fee will be advanced by the city to reflect the criminal charges in this case. LEOBOR limits what we can publicly disclose, but they will pursue disciplinary proceedings as soon as LEOBOR’s statutory provisions permit.

Dolan is accused of grabbing his son around the neck and throwing him out as they were getting ready for school last Friday, Coventry police say, and then, with his family in the car, having threw a toy at the vehicle hard enough to break the windshield.

Dolan claimed he pushed his son out the door to make him hurry and threw the toy in anger, but didn’t want to break the windshield.


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