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Every time I think, “Well, the country can’t go much lower than that,” the dementia patient in charge of the country opens his mouth and proves me wrong. For a year, everyone wondered, “When is Joe Biden finally going to come out and give a press conference?” On January 19, he did just that, and now America and the rest of the world are begging “Jibberish Joe” to “Please, please, no matter what, never give another press conference again…in fact, please don’t ever open your mouth again.

In what can only be described as two hours of mentally ill ramblings, Joe Biden, who some believe to be the real President of the United States, never ceased to congratulate himself on a job well done (despite the country being in the worst shape since the Great Depression and the COVID madness), blaming Republicans for everything that was wrong with the country (despite Democrats controlling both houses of Congress and the White House), and , worst of all, inviting Russia to invade the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

Most of the questions posed to Biden by a clearly sympathetic press corps were soft bullets. Yet Biden looked lost, confused, fragile and shaky, and most of his responses were so pathetically ridiculous that it’s pretty clear the man lost all his faculties.

If Donald Trump had given the exact same press conference, or anything like it, there would have been an uproar the likes of which we have never seen before to have him expelled immediately due to his mental incapacity. And rightly so!! Of course, instead, much of the press praised Biden for being able to stand for two full hours. Yeah. The bar is so low for Biden, despite calling on Russia to start a war, leftist pundits on all the usual networks have praised the man for his ability to stay on his feet for 120 minutes. My God, this is the level our nation has now descended to. We have become a global disgrace.

Clearly, and slowly but surely, even some Democrats are starting to realize this. We need a national reset, and we need it immediately before a mentally handicapped Biden accidentally starts a nuclear war.

For the good of the nation and the rest of the world, Biden must be removed from office immediately. Heck, at this point, I’m pretty sure no one even needs to tell him he’s no longer president. Just put him in the Delaware version of ComfortCare and let him pretend to be responsible for as long as he can drool. We do not care?

I know a lot of you are saying, “But that just means we’re stuck with Kamala Harris.” I’m here to tell you that Kamala Harris is a better option. Not much better but better. Harris is another dumb socialist and an embarrassment to the nation, but at least I don’t think we should be worried about her stepping out in front of the world and saying to China, “Hey, we don’t want you were invading Taiwan, but if you invade just a little, that’s fine. You can’t say the same about Biden, because that’s basically what he told Russia about invading Taiwan. ‘Ukraine.

Of course, we’re going to have to put up with Harris’ creepy, uncomfortable laughter at inappropriate times, but I’ll take that on Joe’s creepy, uncomfortable whispers, his inability to complete a full sentence, and the general fogginess he

seems to exist on a daily basis. Joe Biden’s socialist policies and his mental challenges are both threats to our nation. With Harris, we’ve cut our threats in half.

While Biden needs to be placed in a house, Mitch McConnell just needs to be sent home. During the disastrous “Jibberish Joe” press conference, Biden said, “What are Republicans for? What are they for? Name me one thing they’re for? Later, he asked, “What is Mitch for? He probably would have kept repeating the question for the rest of the press conference if an aide hadn’t shocked him to bring him back to reality.

Talk about throwing a softball to Kentucky’s Senate Minority Leader. You’d have to be a moron of epic proportions not to knock this one out of the park. But when Fox News’ Brett Baier repeated what Biden had said and then asked McConnell to tell America what Republicans were for, McConnell flipped and missed as if standing in front of a Randy fastball. Johnson.

McConnell should have said, “I’ll tell you what Republicans stand for. Strong borders, strong military, bring jobs back to America, energy independence, capitalism, freedom, law and order, strong economy, lower taxes, less government, balanced budget and all which made this country the greatest country that ever existed.” Boom. ‘Nuff said. Thanks, Joe, for throwing that one in for the good guys!

Unfortunately, old Yertle the turtle, being the swamp creature that he is, ruined it all by replying, “My good friend the President got it wrong again.” I helped him pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill… If the president starts acting like a moderate like he campaigned, we can do business.

First, McConnell should be ashamed of himself for helping pass Biden’s $1.2 trillion socialist infrastructure bill that helped bring about the inflation that Americans are currently suffering from. Why on earth would a Republican help pass a bill that included tens of billions of dollars for “climate change mitigation” and another billion to “reconnect communities” that were divided by highways at a time when the country was already close to $30 trillion in debt? It’s shameful and more in line with being a socialist than a conservative.

And second, McConnell didn’t answer the question. It was one of the easiest questions someone in his position could ever get. If McConnell can’t answer, “What do Republicans stand for?” he certainly has no business being party leader. Anyone who cannot answer this question has no reason to be in the party.

These are the people who destroyed this country. It was the Bidens, McConnells, Schumers, Pelosis, Grahams, and Romneys who continually put politics before the American people, which allowed socialists to rise from the ashes. They all need to be dispatched and time limits need to be put in place if we really want to fix the country.

It’s going to take a while to dry out the swamp, but please, for the safety of the entire planet, Feeble Joe has to go… now.

Leader-Call editor Jim Cegielski lives in Laurel.


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