David Stearns on the “short list” for President of Mets Baseball Ops


David Stearns has done a great job leading the Milwaukee Brewers. The New York Mets took note.

It seems like every fall for the past two or three years there are reports that other teams are interested in having David Stearns lead their baseball operations departments. The problem is, he’s currently employed by the Brewers and they very much like to keep it that way.

Mark Attanasio has blocked previous attempts by other teams to interview Stearns for their vacancies and has since promoted Stearns and extended his contract, likely with a raise in pay.

Stearns is at the top of baseball executives, holding the title of “President of Baseball Operations,” which is a sophisticated new title that has been created over the past decade or so that’s a cut above. ‘a general manager, but who is still essentially the same role.

Teams can block their employees’ interview requests for lateral shifts, which led to the creation of a title above GM to allow teams to interview other candidates, and other teams. responded by internally promoting their GMs in this capacity.

The New York Mets have a short slate of contenders for their baseball executive position this fall and Brewers president David Stearns is one of them.

There are three known names on this short list of candidates for the post of president of Mets baseball operations. One had a movie made about how he changed the game of baseball, one is known as a “curse killer” and broke two long-running World Series curses for franchises, and the third is our own David Stearns.

Stearns doesn’t have a movie about him or a world series under his belt (anyway), but he’s on that shortlist with two legendary names in the baseball world.

Would David Stearns really leave the Brewers for the Mets?

We covered this a bit before when the first reports of interest came out on whether or not Stearns would go. Yes, it is well documented that Stearns was a fan of the Mets and that he was an intern in their front office several years ago. It’s also well documented that owner Mark Attanasio doesn’t want Stearns to leave and won’t allow interview requests.

The only chance that seems plausible right now for a Stearns departure is for the Brewers to win the World Series this season. Then he could feel his job was done and want to move on to the next challenge.

Even then, he still might not want to leave, even for his childhood team. Stearns got married here, started a family here, and has his roots in Milwaukee. Childhood team or not, where he’s at right now, it’s a tough decision to make.

Really, it comes down to a willingness by Stearns and Attanasio to keep him in Milwaukee. Attanasio will want to keep him as long as possible. As long as Stearns wants to stay, he’s welcome.

The Mets obviously want him, and if Stearns were allowed an interview, he’s extremely likely to be offered the job. He could walk into this interview with a cropped t-shirt, baggy jeans, and flip flops, and sneeze into Steve Cohen’s hand and be offered the job.

Reports will continue to come out of the Mets wanting Stearns. But as long as Attanasio can block, he will. Stearns might end up getting another contract extension and a raise, but that’s perfectly fine. He more than deserved it.

All of these rumors are a pretty clear indication that the Brewers are doing something right and Stearns is one of, if not the best cadre in the game of baseball today.


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