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Mindy and Dibiasky then take their message to the media, but the platform is a joke-rich morning show (hosted by empty characters played by Perry and Blanchett) where the producers attempt to smooth their story into a cutesy scientific discovery between the Great aforementioned incident. Only one of the astronomers comes out of the studio’s guise without becoming a national meme – and no one takes their cope seriously – but it puts them on contrasting paths of popularity, becoming the media’s distraction themselves. To the credit of the times when the chaos of “Don’t Look Up” seems inspired, watching Leonardo DiCaprio use his Oscar-approved volume to shout “We’re all gonna die” on a “Sesame Street” type show is funny.

But of the many exciting names that are then spoiled by this film’s limited sense of humor, Blanchett tops the list. She’s one of the best in the game, and McKay makes her plastic and cheap, and one of the many characters who aren’t stretched out enough in this high-art parody. The same more or less happens to a forgotten Lawrence, or Streep, or Perry, or Melanie Lynskey, or Timoth.ée Chalamet, yet another grungy, nonchalant and superficial pre-adult. And then there’s Rob Morgan, who plays Lawrence and DiCaprio’s sidekick when he’s just as good as them.

The “Don’t Look Up” plot isn’t just anti-urgent, it also constantly raises awareness of what this movie doesn’t. Aside from how he continually makes you scratch the walls of his hollow comedic sequences for laughs, he doesn’t say anything new about how misinformation has become a political cause, or how scandals are the real opiate. for the masses, let it be a pop. star or president. He certainly has little to offer about the role technology plays in this arena, with Mark Rylance playing half-Elon Musk, tech quarter-guru Joe Biden calling even more than POTUS. “Don’t Look Up” thinks it presses a lot of smart political buttons, when it only emphasizes the obvious and the easy, over and over again.



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