Family pushes to change DPC prosecution policies 3 years after mother died in accident – NBC Chicago


Three years after an 84-year-old former Chicago public school teacher was killed in a crash involving a police vehicle, family members say the city of Chicago and its police department have delayed justice in not taking steps to revise prosecution policies.

Verona Gunn died May 25, 2019 on Chicago’s West Side after two police vehicles rushed to a call for assistance from an officer colliding at an intersection. One catapulted the other onto a sedan taking Gunn home after a family barbecue. She died a few hours later on an operating table.

“It was the type of case that was 100% preventable,” said family attorney Antonio Romanucci. “If they had communicated, they wouldn’t have…run into each other at the intersection.”

The family and their attorneys say there was a dispatch appeal to slow the response. A civil lawsuit they filed three years ago says the officers involved “proceeded at speeds that created undue danger to others”.

Gunn’s son, Rev. Dwight Gunn, said in a lawsuit that police vehicles can be considered deadly weapons.

“Often we deal with particularly [with] armed violence, but the vehicle itself is an instrument that must be a [oversight]”said Dwight Gunn.

The family demanded that the Chicago Police Civil Accountability Office release a summary of its investigation, called for the implementation of a vehicle safety program and a full review of Chicago police officers calling for the ‘assistance.

“We believe that the implementation or misimplementation of this policy is, in our view, a direct contributor to the death of our mother,” Dwight Gunn said.

NBC 5 contacted the City of Chicago Legal Department, which said it could not comment on the ongoing litigation.


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