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GEICO and Liberty Mutual are large and reputable companies with a long history in the auto insurance industry. The two companies offer policies for drivers that offer different benefits and at varying costs. Read on for our comparison of these popular insurers.

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GEICO and Liberty Mutual automobile insurance coverage

GEICO and Mutual Freedom provide basic auto insurance coverage such as:

Our article on Common Types of Auto Insurance provides more information on standard coverage.

Additional coverage

Additional features and products from GEICO and Liberty Mutual may be available as additions to basic coverage. Some types of insurance coverage may not be available in all states.

  • Roadside assistance and towing
  • Rental car refund
  • Medical payments
  • Car replacement cover
  • Additional carpooling insurance

Average insurance rates for GEICO and Liberty Mutual

Insurance companies use formulas with many variables to determine their rates. In addition to driving history, the age of the driver, annual mileage driven, location, gender, marital status, type of vehicle and credit history are some of the factors that influence the overall cost of driving. ‘assurance.

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GEICO is known for its inexpensive insurance rates. According to The Zebra, the average monthly premium cost with GEICO is less than $ 100. Liberty Mutual coverage is in the upper end of the auto insurance cost spectrum. Its average monthly cost is $ 144.

This table compares the average annual premiums between GEICO and Liberty Mutual by age group.

age range GEICO Mutual Freedom
Teens $ 3,508 $ 6,559
20s $ 1,438 $ 2,686
30s $ 1,218 $ 1,942
40s $ 1,189 $ 1,926
the 50’s $ 1,160 $ 1,793
60s $ 1,065 $ 1,746

Source: The Zebra

Premium discounts from GEICO and Liberty Mutual

The insured of GEICO and Liberty Mutual have the possibility of reducing their premiums with discounts such as:

  • Safe Driving Discount
  • Accident-free drivers
  • Discounts on anti-theft equipment
  • Good student discounts
  • Policy consolidation

Other discounts are available from both companies, such as savings for members of the military. But some discounts may not be available to everyone. For example, Liberty Mutual offers a discount for alternative fuel vehicles; GEICO grants a discount for having a new car with the latest safety technologies.

A unique feature of Liberty Mutual is the length of its auto insurance policies. Unlike most of the major operators, Liberty Mutual offers 12 month policies. Liberty’s longer policy option can help you avoid the rate increases that often occur at the end of typical 6-month policies.

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Do GEICO or Liberty Mutual have better customer satisfaction?

When buying auto insurance, you should consider more than the price. Some drivers think you’re getting what you pay for, and higher rates can mean better service. Whatever the expense, your insurance company should provide good customer service, respond quickly when you need help, and pay for any claims submitted.

the JD Power 2021 US Auto Insurance Study provides key insights from responses from nearly 39,000 auto insurance customers. The survey measures vital customer satisfaction criteria:

  • Cost of auto insurance
  • Policy Offers
  • Billing process and policy information
  • Interactions with clients
  • Complaints

Insurance companies often receive mixed reviews for their service. GEICO obtains “average” results in the customer satisfaction survey. Liberty Mutual scores “above average” for overall customer service.

In the JD Power 2021 Automotive Claims Satisfaction Survey, based on over 7,300 auto insurance customers, GEICO is slightly above average, while Liberty Mutual is slightly below average. The study looked at customers who had been settled in the six months preceding the survey and excluded those with vehicle, window or windshield theft, and those who only needed roadside assistance.

Which one has a better financial situation, GEICO or Allstate?

AM Best assesses the ability of insurance companies to meet their current contractual and political obligations. According to The Zebra, GEICO receives a “superior” rating and Liberty Mutual’s rating is “good”.

Although the companies ‘ratings are different, the two carriers have the financial strength to cover their customers’ claims.

GEICO or Liberty Mutual: which is right for you?

Your auto insurance needs are unique and there are many factors to consider. The cost of a policy usually tops the list of variables, so buy the best price by requesting quotes from GEICO, Liberty Mutual and other insurance companies.

GEICO offers cheaper premiums in many cases. Nevertheless, Liberty Mutual offers many discounts that can lower the cost of policies, and its 12 month terms benefit many policyholders.

Whichever company you choose, you need to understand what is covered. Make sure it meets your needs before signing a policy when purchasing a new vehicle or renewing your existing coverage.

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