Government launches Civil Aviation Authority review to strengthen regulator for the future

  • The UK aviation regulator will be reviewed as part of a wider government program looking at the effectiveness and efficiency of public bodies
  • led by an independent lead examiner, the review will ensure the continued delivery of world-class service to the public and the aviation industry
  • areas of focus will be organizational effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and governance

The Government today (30 August 2022) launched an independent review of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (AAC) to ensure the provision of state-of-the-art regulation and public services for decades to come.

With a mission that includes everything from ensuring the highest standards of aviation safety and security to the efficient use of airspace, space operations and the protection of consumer rights, Civil Aviation Authority is essential to the UK’s position as a world leader in aviation and aerospace.

Building on the organization’s success in meeting the unprecedented challenges of recent years, the review will focus on:

  • its efficiency and effectiveness in providing its services now and in the future
  • its role, form, function and delivery model
  • the corporate governance and assurance mechanisms that underpin the organization
  • the AACthe relationship of with the Department for Transport and how the 2 organizations work together to provide a quality service in the UK
  • how its priorities align with broader government objectives, taking into account its role as an independent regulator

This year, the regulator celebrated its 50th anniversary and played a key role in the recovery of the aviation sector, as outlined in our 22-point action plan to help minimize disruption to the sector and protect passengers.

For years to come, the regulator will also play a crucial role in ensuring the sector can modernize and innovate to meet the challenges of the future, while protecting consumer rights – as set out in our ten-year strategy Flightpath to the future. .

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

Civil aviation regulation is the backbone of an industry which, before the pandemic, carried millions of passengers each year, contributed £22 billion to our economy and supported almost a million jobs.

This review will ensure that UK civil aviation regulation continues to be at the forefront of the world in terms of safety, security, environmental considerations, economic regulation and consumer protection – which often helps other countries to strengthen global standards.

Sir Stephen Hillier, Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority, said:

At the Civil Aviation Authority, we work tirelessly on our mission to improve aviation and aerospace for consumers and the public.

We welcome the opportunity this review presents to highlight our organization’s dedication, skills and culture of continuous learning, while identifying areas for improvement.

This will help ensure that we continue to be a diverse, innovative and forward-looking regulator dedicated to improving the safety, security and interests of aviation consumers and the prosperity of the aerospace sector.

We look forward to working openly, transparently and collaboratively with the government to support this review.

The review is part of a broader program covering public bodies across government, announced in April this year.

It comes at a crucial time for the aviation industry as it continues its strong recovery from the pandemic and will also take place alongside, but entirely separately from, the International Civil Aviation Organization safety audit which must take place.

Jeremy Newman, an independent panel member for the UK Competition and Markets Authority, will lead the review, which will run until spring 2023.


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