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We are in a moment and a time that we can never have again. We cannot go back in time and fix or relive a part of our life that we regret or are disappointed with in order to have a better memory or a better reputation. What is already done is done. What is in the past is history.

Let me give you an example, if you are able to take a deep breath with me … take it, now breathe out. You’ll never breathe that breath again, that breath of air is gone. Friends, the story is already over, the future is in front of us, what we have right now is the present, this very moment.

God has already resurrected his people!

Here are some examples. In the year 303 AD, the number of Christian believers in Asia Minor was equal to half of the country’s total population. The greatest period of growth in the number of redeemed was between AD 260 and AD 303, a period characterized by severe persecution. There are a few fundamental reasons for this remarkable growth. Every Christian believer was a witness, and every crossroads a pulpit. But above all, the spirit of prayer prevailed. The alarm clock fires never went out completely. The early believers personally experienced the meaning of Acts 1: 8 “But you will receive power, after the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witness in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, and Samaria, and unto thee. ends of the earth. “

In 1742, Reverend William McCoullogh, pastor of the parish church of Cambuslang, Scotland, heard of the revival fires in England and America, and yearned to see a revival in his own church. He asked renowned and eloquent preacher George Whitefield to come and help him. George Whitefield has led a series of evangelistic services in the Church of Cambuslang that have proven to be blessed and successful. When he left Campuslang, the revival continued and Pastor McCoullogh found people crowding into his church, so there was no room for the crowds in the church auditorium. The pastor was obliged to hold offices outside. The open-air church had an attendance of 10,000 to 12,000.

These are just a few examples of documented cases of revival, not only revival but revival that have affected not only a church but a community, a city and even beyond. These types of revivals can only be explained by the fact that Almighty God has done what only He can do. Something that man cannot do. Yes, neither you nor I can produce, cause or claim a revival. When this type of revival occurs, everyone involved knows that what they have experienced can only come from our Lord.

Many of us as Christians talk about our need for a wake-up call as we walk past silent churches on Sunday. So when you read the revival stories that have taken place, a revival that changed your life, you have to ask yourself, how did this happen? Personally, from what I’ve read, it always started with prayer. People are praying for a life changing revival. People pray with the understanding that if a life changing revival is to come, it can only come from Almighty God. Some of these prayers came from inside a church, a local barn, or even a humble residence of two elderly women who, for health reasons, could no longer attend or attend church. the church.

Billy Graham, when asked, replied that the three keys to prayer are:

We know what we need. We know the only one who can deliver.

So, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, please send a life changing revival!

–Brother Leonard Nichols is the pastor of Oak Grove Baptist Church in Harleton.


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