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The day after Labor Day, I was doing some gardening, which included pulling weeds and planting. Then I sat up to catch my breath and heard the soft, soothing sounds of crickets. What a beautiful blessing.

I was also lucky enough to spend my Labor Day vacation with my 9 year old boyfriend Ezra. Her mother and father, Marilyn and Patrick, went to the river to celebrate her mother, Marilyn Elaine’s birthday and Labor Day.

Labor Day celebrates all those who work hard with a day off. It’s one last summer party. If you spent yours at the beach, park, river, lake, or at home, I hope you had a great time.

Many, myself included, are still confused between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Labor Day is the first Monday in September. One way to remember the holidays is that Memorial Day begins in the summer and Labor Day ends in the summer.

Over the three days Ezra was very polite and so much fun. He’s in fourth grade now and I think that’s a wonderful age.

We thoroughly enjoyed swimming, movies, games, cooking, and our great trip to Pizza Hut with his parents. We call it “Putt Putt at the Pizza Hut!” We played games there and Ezra won a bright yellow and orange stuffed animal he named “Lucky Ducky”.

It brought back many fun memories with Marilyn Elaine and her sister, Dyanne. I remember when they were just little girls and their grandmother, Elaine Wheat, and I took them to Pizza Hut and we had a lot of fun.

I think the saying: “What comes turns around!” is really true.

When his parents picked up Ezra, they were all so happy to be together again. We celebrated with a meal of Mexican cuisine, then Marilyn opened her gift from her son, Ezra, which was her own beautiful work of art with her sweet words, “I love you!” Ezra also wrapped the gift himself. He grows into such a kind and handsome young man.

Of course we had to have some little birthday horns to celebrate Marilyn’s birthday and we made a very special new memory. I am so grateful that Marilyn was born. I am lucky to know Marilyn and Dyanne.

God bless you all. I hope you were as lucky as I was during the recent Labor Day holiday in creating some new special memories.

Mary Post is a retired teacher with a master’s degree in education. She has taught in the classroom and worked with homeless students at VISD’s KIDZconnection. She can be contacted at [email protected]


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