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The election is upon us! Active registered voters have received or will soon receive their ballot by mail. The last day to return your ballot is Election Day, November 8. My office must receive it before 7:00 p.m.

The concept of Election Day as the day you should vote has not been a reality for many, many years. Instead, Election Day represents the deadline and the day when you will finally see the results of the votes cast – or at least some results.

Lately, various groups have called for waiting to vote, skipping mail-in voting, and voting in person at an election service and polling center.

While voting in person has always been an option for Colorado voters, very few have chosen this option since 2013. That’s when our mail-in voting system was implemented, every active registered voter of Colorado receiving a mail-in ballot.

Be aware that the process is the same whether you vote in person at a voting site or choose to vote by mail that you receive.

All ballots are paper ballots and all ballots have the necessary chains of custody, will be transported to our counting facility and will be counted in the same manner.

Just to be clear, waiting until Election Day to vote is pointless and will likely mean delayed results.

And what if you find yourself in a personal crisis on election day – bad weather hits, you have a car accident, a family event distracts you, you find yourself in a traffic jam or you get sick – suddenly taking the time to vote may not be your highest priority.

The “noise” of waiting to vote to avoid some kind of voter fraud problem is simply horse feathers.

This misinformation comes from individuals who know little about elections and what little they know is so misinterpreted. Our processes, system, election results are in no way affected by your wait to vote and/or your vote in person. The only thing it does is potentially make you line up at a polling site on Election Day, delay results, and create an opportunity for unforeseen circumstances to completely risk your vote.

As your elected representative to oversee elections in El Paso County for nearly ten years, a person who lives in your neighborhood, regularly looks you in the eye and considers election integrity my highest calling, I give my strongest assurances that the El Paso County elections are conducted with the utmost integrity and with appropriate checks and balances and audits in place to ensure that any perceived or actual vulnerabilities cannot be successfully exploited.

Please don’t let the “noise” get into your head. Cast your ballot and return it to us to be counted at the earliest opportunity.

Every vote counts!

Chuck Broerman is the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder.

Chuck Broerman is the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder.


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