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With all the talk about clogged ports and transportation safeguards causing product shortages, why not pick up on the infamous vacation shortages caused by the demand for the toy everyone had to have!

Grab your family and friends, put away cellphones, pull out a piece of paper and see who knows more about these real historic shortages.

1. In 1983, this toy came with its own adoption certificate, but only if you could find one.

2. This handheld gadget has created a bond which, if broken, can be fatal. At its peak, they were selling 15 every minute!

3. In 2014, this supplier limited purchases of this toy to two dozen per person, but it sold out months before the holidays, with some selling on eBay for as much as $ 1,000. Fortunately, the company making the toy was able to resolve the supply issue in time for the holidays. Can you name him?

4. For three consecutive years, from 2005 to 2007, game consoles were all the rage. Give yourself a point if you can name all three.

5. Red and popular, this toy was as rare as ice cream in a campfire in 1996. But every little child had to have one.

6. This hand-held puzzle was all the rage in 1981. Can you name it?

7. In 1998, these little creatures could be trained to speak English… that is, if you could get one.

8. Often a TV show causes shortages in the toys it creates. This colorful group was hard to find in 1993. Fear not, the supplier prepared for the next season was not out of stock again until 1994. What is the name of this group of toys?

9. These little furballs were cute, cuddly, and hard to find in 2009. This $ 9 toy often goes up to $ 60 apiece. Can you name them?

10. And finally, this hugely popular toy in the 1950s may have sparked the holiday toy craze … mainly because it was advertised on television. But the toy needed a food item from your pantry to bring it to life. what was that?

Answers: 1. Cabbage Patch Kids, 2. Tamagotchi, 3. Elsa doll from Disney’s Frozen movie, 4. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, 5. Tickle Me Elmo, 6. Rubik’s Cube, 7. Furby , 8. Mighty Power Rangers, 9. ZhuZhu Pets and 10. Mr. Potato Head

Zero to two correct… No worries. Shortages don’t seem to bother you.

Three to five correct… You’ve probably asked for a few.

Six to eight correct… You are a cultural icon! Pat yourself on the back.

Nine to 10 correct… You are a monster buyer.


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