How to manage and view notifications on your iPhone or iPad



With the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS, you can put your notifications aside and see them all at your convenience.

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Managing notifications on your iPhone or iPad can be a challenge. You don’t want to be continually interrupted by them, but you don’t want to miss an important event. With iOS /

15, Apple has improved your ability to manage and access your notifications. With a new option called Notification Summary, you can choose a specific time to view a summary of all notifications, while still allowing calls, messages, and other urgent notifications to reach you immediately. This is how it works.

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First, make sure you are using the latest version of iOS or iPadOS. Go to Settings, then General and tap on the Software Updates option. You will be notified that your operating system is up to date or prompted to download and install the latest update.

Then go to Settings, then Notifications and tap on the Scheduled Summary option. Turn on the switch for scheduled summary. The first time you do this, a message describes how this option works. Tap Continue (Figure A).

Figure A


The next screen asks you to choose applications for your summary. Here you select the apps for which you want to see notifications in the summary screen. Direct messages and urgent notifications will always be sent to you immediately. Swipe down on the screen and turn on the switch for any app you want to add to the summary. Tap the Show more link to see all of your apps. When finished, press the button to add the apps (Number B).

Number B


On the next screen, set a schedule for which you want to receive your notification summary. By default, the app chooses two summaries at different times of the day, but you can change that. Tap the time of the first summary to switch to another time. If you only need one summary, tap the minus button on the second summary to delete it. Otherwise, tap the time of the second summary to edit it. Press the plus button to Add Summary to add a third summary. You can add as many summaries as you want. When finished, tap the Turn on notification summary button (Figure C).

Figure C


You can now refine the summary. Turn on the switch to Show next summary if you want to see the next summary before the scheduled time. Swipe down on the screen to add more apps to the summary screen. Tap the A to Z header to see your installed apps in alphabetical order (Number D).

Number D


Return to the main notifications settings screen. Tap the Show Previews option. The Previews feature displays content such as Messages and Mail text and Calendar invitation details. To see these previews, change the setting to Always or When Unlocked. Go back to the previous screen and tap on the Screen Sharing option. Here you can allow notifications to display even when using SharePlay or Screen Mirroring (Encrypted).



When the scheduled time arrives, the Notification Summary screen becomes accessible. After accessing the screen, slide your finger over it to view your notifications. Tap all notifications grouped together from the same app to see them all (Figure F).

Figure F


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