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Often ranked among the top 50 business schools in the world, the Indian School of Business (ISB) annually attracts thousands of students from all over India and the world.

Founded in 2001, the school has two campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali. Despite its relatively young age, ISB quickly became known for its research-intensive approach to business education and high-quality faculty.

The MBA equivalent of ISB is called the Postgraduate Program in Management (PGP), and in 2021 it was ranked among the top 25 MBA programs in the world by the Financial Time.

As an ISB graduate, you will join an alumni network of over 11,500 professionals and be among the ranks of notable graduates including the former CEO of Groupon India and the former product manager for Uber. .

But what does it take to be successful in an ISB MBA application? To find out, BusinessBecause met Dibyendu Bose (above), Senior Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at ISB, to find out what makes a good candidate.


What are you looking for in your MBA candidates?

The ISB pre-selects candidates based on their holistic profile.

Rather than focusing on just one aspect of applicants, we look at a combination of multiple metrics such as academics, work experience, test scores, essays, and recommendations.

This selection process ensures that applicants who make it to the ISB are all-round professionals who bring diverse and relevant perspectives to our classrooms and campus life.


What’s the biggest mistake you can make in an MBA application?

The biggest mistake you can make in your ISB MBA application is to only emphasize one parameter in your application.

We are looking for multi-faceted people who add to the diversity of the classroom and can participate in meaningful classroom discussions. We understand that a parameter like a test score cannot be the sole determinant of a student’s caliber.

Over the years, we have had applicants from different disciplines including sports, fashion, medicine, law, journalism, military, etc. They not only brought divergent perspectives to the class, but also had exceptionally successful careers after graduating from ISB.


ISB students on campus

What should applicants expect during their ISB admission interview?

During the admission interview, applicants can expect to be asked about details they shared about their professional and personal backgrounds in their application.

Alumni are also an integral part of these interview panels, and they are primarily looking for candidates who embody ISB’s intrinsic values ​​and can be successful brand ambassadors in the future.

Quick questions

What GMAT score should applicants aim for?

The average GMAT score for students admitted to PGP is around 710. However, applicants with a score as high as 770 have been rejected in the past while those with scores around 600 have been accepted into the program. .

What is the best advice for applicants to your school?

Tell your story, highlighting what you have learned from your journey so far, and how you can add to the learning experience of your peers at VSI.

What are your MBA essay questions for 2021?

Describe with examples the most important personal quality you have that greatly improves your chances of being successful as a leader.

What are your short and long term career goals? How will the ISB’s PGP program help you achieve your goals?

Tell us something about the ISB application process that most people don’t know?

The ISB offers several categories of scholarships open to applicants.

These include tuition waivers granted upon admission, which may be based on merit, need or diversity. The ISB also offers fee waivers to applicants who have participated in the global leadership development program, AIESEC.

Meanwhile, the Bridge to India scholarship offers tuition assistance to applicants of Indian descent who are currently working overseas but are planning to return to India. Other scholarships include AT&T Scholarship, Akash Scholarship, Lakshya Scholarship for Women, Bajaj Auto Scholar and many more.

Even graduate students can access scholarships, including the Develop India Scholarship, which is awarded to a graduate who is planning to venture into the social impact industry.

Applicants would do well to prepare their ISB MBA application from the first rounds if they hope to get scholarships, as the maximum scholarship amounts are allocated to the first and first rounds.

ISB also has links with several banks and financial institutions that offer preferential rates for student loans.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in an MBA application?

We have encountered applications with high GMAT scores, but where the applicant failed to communicate their story effectively and was ultimately rejected at the application review stage itself.

On the contrary, applicants with much lower GMAT scores but compelling stories to share have moved on to the interview stage.

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