Lawyer and activist PLOLumumba stops in Cincinnati on month-long tour


Correction: Earlier versions of this story incorrectly stated that PLOLumumba was affiliated with the University of Cincinnati. WCPO9 regrets the error.

Cincinnati-A law professor known across the African continent for his intelligence and activism, stops in Cincinnati as part of a month-long tour of the United States and the Pacific Islands.

PLO Lumumba will give lectures and presentations focused on the socio-economic, cultural and political revitalization of Africa. Press Release Posted by GDDF-One Voice Consortium.

Cincinnati-based African Expert Network, or APNET, is affiliated with the GDDF-One Voice Consortium Bring Lumumba to the City.

He will be a guest speaker at the open house of two events: Dinner and Networking Mixer on July 20, Free event at the University of Cincinnati on July 21. You can participate directly or virtually.

Prince Ellis, Chairman and Co-Founder of APNET, said he was eager to hear Lumumba’s take on governance and how the United States and its citizens can invest in African countries. and take advantage of international economic relations. ..

“APNET has been really trying to do this job for a while,” Ellis said. “Bring the community together and do a good job. Combining voices into one loud voice can make a big difference.

APNET was launched in 2010 to connect local experts from the African continent. Ellis, associate professor at the University of Cincinnati, is from Ghana. His wife is from Kenya. He said that both are US citizens, but that he still feels a strong connection to their home country.

“Most of us want to invest not only here in the United States, but also in our home country,” Ellis said. “Having these meetings and connections and events provides a means. “

According to Ellis, APNET provides its members with professional networking in addition to helping with mentoring, career development and navigating American culture. Many of the members were born on the African continent or have other close ties to countries on the African continent, but Ellis said the group is open to everyone.

Lumumba is the founder and president of the PLO Lumumba Foundation and a founding partner of Lumumba and Lumumba Advocates. He is a former principal and CEO of the Kenyan Law School and a former secretary of the Kenyan Constitutional Review Board. He is also a former director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, which is currently non-functional. He is Associate Professor of Public Law, Founding Dean of the Faculty of Law at Kabarak University, and Lawyer at the High Courts of Kenya and Tanzania.

He is considered one of the 100 most influential Africans in the world and his foundation has offices and projects in 38 African countries. For more information on his American tour, online.

Ellis worked with APNET member and Special Project Director David Mutua. GDDF-1 Voice Consortium, And a team of volunteers for several months to plan and organize Lumumba’s visit to Cincinnati. Other volunteers include Clara Matonhodze-Strode, the principal owner of Multicultural Solutions LLC. Alex Owino; Dr Rogers Toway; Dr Martin Kimani and Levine Nzainga.

Sponsors for Lumumba’s visit include the University of Cincinnati, Apollo Medical Group, Foreign Policy Leadership Council, APNET, CALD International, Multicultural Solutions, COVE-51, Rafili Sounds, and Sankofa Foods. Hamilton District Court Judge Tyrone Yates will host Roomba for a virtual meeting of the Foreign Policy Leadership Council, a visit to the Hamilton Courthouse and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

For more information, upcoming events in Lumumba and Cincinnati (including how to register) can be viewed online.

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Lawyer and activist PLOLumumba stops in Cincinnati on month-long tour

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