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WAGE SCALE: $ 68,832 – $ 102,182

SUMMARY OF THE POSITION: An employee of this classification, organizes and directs the activities of the emergency services for the county. Responsibilities include directing emergency medical services activities, emergency management functions, the county fire marshal’s office, and E-911 telecommunications functions. Duties also include county coordination and liaison with volunteer fire and rescue organizations. The work is carried out by subordinate supervisor and service division positions. Primary responsibilities include budget preparation and administration, tax management, planning, staffing, training and performance review for supervised departments and programs. The employee has extensive contact with the public and the work requires a variety of technical and detailed knowledge, as well as considerable independent initiative and judgment. The employee is subject to the usual hazards associated with emergency service functions, including working in indoor and outdoor environmental conditions, fumes, dust, odors, mists and hazardous gases. The work may expose the employee to human blood or bodily fluids and therefore the work is subject to OSHA bloodborne pathogens requirements. The work is carried out under the direct supervision of the Lenoir County Director and is evaluated through lectures, work results, reports and public comment.

• Performs administrative and supervisory work in the planning, organization and direction of the county emergency services and support function
• Plans, organizes and directs the activities of the service and personnel of the emergency services, coordinates procedures and regulations with service agencies; maintains procedures manuals for employees, volunteers and organizations served.
• Research, recommend and obtain the necessary equipment; ensures proper maintenance of equipment
• Develops staffing schedules, provides appropriate training, evaluates the effectiveness of programs and makes necessary adjustments and modifications.
• Develops and recommends budget requests; manages the purchase of equipment, materials and supplies • Manages personnel functions for personnel, including recruitment, training, monitoring and evaluation of work.
• Provides liaison services between the ministry, volunteer fire and rescue agencies, the hospital and other public safety agencies, both paid and voluntary.
• Plans, develops and oversees the implementation of county-wide plans for multiple responses to natural and man-made disasters, coordinating the capacities and responsibilities of emergency communications, medical services and emergency and volunteer firefighters
• Coordinates county staff, staff and volunteers, for emergency operations, acting as a liaison with various government and non-government agencies to ensure understanding of the appropriate roles and responsibilities of officials
• Helps organizations such as hospitals, industry, schools and institutions with special needs coordinate with emergency response agencies and develop individualized response plans
• Maintains an emergency shelter system, including adequate stocks of food, water, blankets, medical and sanitation supplies, etc.
• Develops disaster plan tests
• Submit written plans to state and federal oversight agencies, if applicable
• Develops and tests disaster and emergency response, mitigation and clean-up plans
• Evaluates the effectiveness of plans and programs, and makes recommendations for modification of plans, and / or the need for additional planning, equipment, personnel, etc.
• Maintains lists, files, directories, databases, etc., resources and personnel available for assistance in emergency response, mitigation and clean-up operations
• Develops long-term plans for expanding emergency response, mitigation and clean-up capabilities and services
• Ensures the proper and timely communication of relevant information to various government officials and agencies, utility companies, hospitals, industry, schools, special needs facilities and the general public, in the event of potential or imminent hazard due to inclement weather or other natural or man-made emergencies, situations permitting
• Oversees the operation of broadcast and emergency warning systems, maintains equipment and licenses required
• Plans, develops and implements operating programs and procedures to ensure adequate and timely dispatch of personnel in response to natural and man-made emergencies.
• Develops and oversees the implementation of education programs to inform the public of the appropriate response to emergencies and various county emergency management program departments.
• Responds to and takes command of major emergency response, mitigation and clean-up operations, coordinating the activities of various response organizations and ensuring the availability of equipment and manpower. necessary work.
• Directs the activities, through subordinate supervisory staff, of the County Fire Marshal’s Office.
• Ensures prompt and accurate completion of inspections and investigations.
• Examine the departmental budget request and submit it to the county director and commissioners
• Directs the activities, through subordinate supervisory staff, of the Office of the Emergency Planner.
• Ensures timely and accurate completion of emergency plans required for all county and city plans to be submitted to North Carolina Emergency Management Offices.
• Examine the departmental budget request and submit it to the county director and commissioners
• Directs the activities, through subordinate supervisory staff, of the activities of the E-911 County Telecommunications Center.
• Ensures operations are executed accurately and efficiently.
• Evaluates the performance of the program.
• Examine departmental budget requests to be submitted to the Council of State E911
• Reviews the department’s budget request and submits it to the county director and commissioners.
• Directs the activities, through subordinate supervisory staff, of the activities of the county EMS system.
• Ensures operations are performed accurately and efficiently, based on the system plan approved by the State Office of Emergency Medical Services
• Evaluates the performance of the program
• Reviews the department’s budget request and submits it to the county director and commissioners.
• Directs the activities, through subordinate supervisory staff, of the activities of the County Fire Marshal’s office.
• Ensures prompt and accurate completion of fire inspections for all county facilities, as well as for private and public companies
• Reviews departmental budget requests and submits them to the county director and commissioners
• Responds to complaints, questions and information about services.
• Ensures the maintenance and completion of records, reports and other information required in this field • Attends conferences, training courses, meetings and reads literature to stay abreast of new trends and developments in the field
• Serves as a member of various professional committees in the county and region, attending and participating in meetings and other activities as required.
• Monitors the county emergency operations center during natural or man-made disasters
• Performs the function of County Security Officer
• Performs related tasks as needed MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:
• Graduated from a four (4) year college with a diploma in Emergency Medical Services, Disaster and Emergency Preparedness, Fire Science and Administration, or related field, and experience in emergency services, including including supervisory experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. • Possession of a valid North Carolina driver’s license
• In-depth knowledge of federal, state and local emergency service policies, procedures and regulations, including communications, fire, EM and EMS operations.
• In-depth knowledge of emergency medical practices and procedures
• In-depth knowledge of E911 / communications practices and procedures
• Ability to interpret, explain and apply a wide variety of policies, procedures and regulations.
• Ability to prepare reports and make effective public presentations.
• Ability to react quickly, effectively and professionally in emergency situations
• Ability to exercise good judgment and determine the best options and decisions to manage emergency situations
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with law enforcement agencies, volunteer fire departments, government officials, hospitals, schools and the general public.
• Ability to supervise a department, including knowledge of budgeting, personnel and purchasing requirements. REQUIRED CAPACITIES:
• Must be able to physically perform basic operational functions of life: climbing, balancing, bending, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, fingering, grasp, smell, speak, hear and do repetitive movements
• Must be able to perform heavy work exerting up to 100 pounds of force on occasion, and / or up to 50 pounds of force frequently, and / or up to 20 pounds of force continuously to move objects. objects.
• Position requires visual acuity to drive an automobile in order to check, run and maintain computer files and written reports, and to respond to an emergency while operating a county issued vehicle, using emergency intervention if necessary.
• Must possess the visual acuity necessary to prepare and generate data and figures, operate a computer terminal and determine the accuracy, cleanliness and thoroughness of the work assigned.
• Must have the visual acuity necessary to take in-depth readings and use measuring devices
• The work is subject to various risks such as exposure to moving mechanical parts, electric current, fumes, odors, dust, mists, gases or poor ventilation.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Applicants should submit a Lenoir County EMS / Communications application to the Lenoir County Human Resources Department, PO Box 3289, Kinston, NC 28502. Applications can be downloaded from the Lenoir County website: www. lenoircountync.gov. Incomplete or unsigned applications will not be processed.

Closing Date: September 30, 2021 The County of Lenoir is a positive action employer for equal opportunities.


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