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I would like to comment on the December 12 article “Rotating prison cells: How COVID-19 commutations erode confidence in the justice system”.

As a general reviewer, the article is more of an opinion piece than a newspaper article. Sarcastic references to “turnstile offenders” and comments like “It’s hard to see how …” are not what I want when I hear from me.

Additionally, if local prosecutors wish to voice their opinions on Salem’s policy, they may be able to use the Opinion Pages. Specifically, the article and headline imply a major issue with inmates released due to the re-arrest of COVID-19.

The article points out that around 900 inmates had their sentences commuted (oh, outrage), but then, oops, never mentions how many were re-arrested. Two examples, but no hard data. The error (steering error?) Is repeated when we are told about switchings of 70 miners, but never of what percentage it could be or if one of them has been stopped again.

After reading “the article”, I don’t know if only two out of 900 inmates have been re-arrested or if there is a more serious problem. I’m also not sure how the rate of re-arrest compares to the rate of those who are serving their full sentence.

We are bombarded with so much wrong or distorted information these days. Shame on DH for being part of the problem. This article is just trying to cheer us up, not provide unbiased information.


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