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Absolute right

Anyone who opposes legal gun ownership should re-read the Second Amendment to our Constitution giving us the right to bear arms and maintain a well-regulated militia. There must be some fairy realm or third dimension out there that sees all of our murderers, criminals, etc. tripping over each other in their haste to obey any future law abolishing gun ownership and allowing confiscation of guns. Who would obey such a directive? Right. Only those who obey the law. Charlton Heston must have had an idea of ​​current developments when he said his weapon would only be taken from his cold, dead hands.

just metal

It’s a piece of metal. This piece of metal, a gun, has no mind to think, no feet to move, no arms or hands to load ammo or fire. It’s a piece of metal, a mechanical device. Left alone, it sits there like a piece of metal. Can anyone prove that he is acting on his own to kill someone or anything? I wait patiently, while my weapons are stored without notice.

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Missed signs

Each shooting session has alerts. If the alerts had been triggered, there is a good chance that the tragic incidents experienced would have been avoided or significantly reduced.

In the case of the Uvalde shooting, questions come to mind that seek answers. The first question that has been overlooked in all the articles I have seen is: who sold the guns and ammunition to this 18 year old? When he bought enough ammunition to stock a police force, why weren’t questions asked? Why do you need two guns and so much ammo? How did you come up with the money to buy two guns and all that ammunition? Did he use a credit card belonging to his parents or his grandmother, who he shot? Why wasn’t the sheriff’s office or the police department notified? Is there a law prohibiting such questions? If so, the law needs to be changed.

The sheriff, a deputy or a police officer should have been available to question this 18-year-old before proceeding with such a sale. What is the store’s policy in such a circumstance?

Then we learn that the school policeman was driving around in his car and never confronted the shooter; the shooter walked through an unlocked door into the school. Then he walked into a classroom with a lock on the door. He locked the door and kept the police in the hallway. Border Patrol agents traveled 70 miles from Del Rio arriving at 12:15 p.m. and waited until 12:50 p.m. before entering the classroom. Supposedly the delay was due to the inability to locate the master key to unlock the door. They could have knocked the door off its hinges with a few shots. It was a Border Patrol agent who shot Salvador Ramos.

Guns on children

The time has come to stop the next mass shooting.

I don’t want to hear it’s “too soon” because it’s always too soon, because there are horrible shootings almost every week.

Make it at least as hard to buy an AR-15 as it is to rent a car – minimum age 25, license, liability insurance. Or at least as difficult as going hunting or fishing—requiring a permit.

We are the only nation that loves its weapons more than its children. It’s time to change that.


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