Lincoln County commissioners review draft budget


NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – On Monday, Lincoln County commissioners reviewed the draft budget for 2022-23. Based on the report, the council is optimistic about county spending. Currently, Lincoln County Commissioners have no concerns.

“This is the first draft,” said Lincoln County Commissioner Chris Bruns. “We will take a scalpel and make cuts where necessary. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce property taxes for taxpayers. Everyone is tightening their bills, and the county government should too. »

Some department heads came in under budget and returned funds to the county. The department is in good financial condition this year. The jail project is a way for the county to diversify its sources of revenue.

County commissioners also discussed purchasing a generator for the Lincoln County Courthouse. The council considers that it is imperative to acquire a generator. A power outage would disrupt county offices and businesses.

“We are between a rock and a hard place if the courthouse has to close,” Bruns said. “The generator is needed from a continuity of government perspective if we have an emergency.”

During the 100th celebration of the Lincoln County Courthouse, there were warnings of temporary outages. The board believes the situation highlights the need for a generator.

Brandon Myers with Area 51 Emergency Management is researching generator options for Lincoln County Commissioners.

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