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Major trades are all down slightly from all-time highs set earlier in the week. Still, general sentiment is bullish as the calendar prepares to turn to 2022. And the first trading week of the new year ends with information from the US labor market. If the Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report is as positive as some leading indicators are suggesting, investors could receive an additional signal to push stocks higher. Next week will likely see an increase in market volume as institutional investors return to the market. And the MarketBeat team will be watching for actions and stories that make the news as the New Year dawns.

Articles by Sean Sechler

The start of a new year is a time when investors focus on adding stocks with the potential to be winners. However, as Sean Sechler notes, it’s not always easy to do. One strategy promoted by Sechler is to seek out leading stocks in sectors that are warming. With that in mind, Sechler has identified three stocks that are likely to skyrocket in 2022. It’s also a time for investors to look at falling stocks that are about to come back. Sechler gave investors three return stocks to watch in 2022. Sechler also took a close look at the auto industry and speculated that if the worst of the supply chain crisis was behind the industry, it could provide configuration for large gains. And that would be good news for the three auto stocks Sechler identified in this article.

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Articles by Jea Yu

For investors looking for a different way to play in the semiconductor industry, Jea Yu suggests checking out the recent rally in Phototronics (NASDAQ: PLAB) Stock. The company manufactures photomasks that are integral to the design of integrated circuits and flat screens. As Yu points out, the company is experiencing a strong demand which is setting up the PLAB stock to take a new step. Yu was also watching Elastic (NYSE: ESTC) as a return stock. The data research and analytics platform is trading near 2021 lows, but the sale looks exaggerated and investors should still take note of the company’s double-digit revenue growth which is expected. remain strong. Another tech stock under pressure is the cloud-based cybersecurity solutions provider. Crowd Strike (NASDAQ: CRWD). However, this is yet another case of the massive sell-off that appears to be overkill as the demand for cybersecurity continues to grow.

Articles by Thomas Hughes

It goes without saying that the desire for empirical research on equities is fueling the rise in FactSet Research Systems (NYSE: FDS). And Thomas Hughes points out that the stock shows both fundamental and technical strength that should generate a substantial payoff in early 2022. Another stock that looks set to increase is Braze (NASDAQ: BRZE). The customer engagement platform went public via an IPO in November. And like many recent IPOs, it has lost its initial momentum. However, as Hughes points out, a recent earnings report with strong indications is likely to make sentiment bullish. And while the demand for clean energy solutions is on the rise, FuelCell Energy (NASDAQ: FCEL) is excluded from the rally. The hydrogen fuel cell maker may have a long-term story, but that story doesn’t show up in the company’s short-term results.

Articles by Sam Quirke

Sam Quirke had his eyes on semiconductor stocks which continue to rally at the end of 2021. Micron (NASDAQ: MU) is up thanks to a strong earnings report and even stronger forecasts. It is the latter that is raising bullish sentiment in the analyst community and fueling the year-end rally in MU stock. But Micron isn’t the only very successful name in the chip business. And in a follow-up article, Quirke made a case for both Advanced micro-devices (NASDAQ: AMD) and Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA). Shifting its focus to an industry in the news for less favorable reasons, Quirke examined two stocks of airlines that continue to struggle as the industry suffers from a patchy recovery. Always Quirke explained why American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) and Delta Airlines (NYSE: DAL) may be worth picking up.

Articles by Chris Markoch

Sometimes stocks need to make several attempts before breaking through a resistance level. This is the situation Chris Markoch saw for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) which recently hit its 52 week high for the third time in the last month and why it could be once when the third time is a charm. And as investors begin to turn their attention to the new year, Markoch wrote of three areas that investors need to pay attention to in 2022. Each industry has been performing well in 2021 and has a catalyst that should enable growth to grow. continue in 2022.

Articles by Kate Stalter

Kate Stalter also had her eyes set on the outlook for the semiconductor industry in 2022. A benchmark is up more than 47% this year. And as impressive as that may be, it is lower than the returns of the same index in 2019 and 2020. The bottom line is that the sector looks too large, but investors who rely on traditional metrics like the price / earnings ratio (P / E) may be lacking in the strength of the sector. And for investors who are more tuned in to technical analysis, Stalter explained why Wyndham Hotels & Resorts (NYSE: WH), ArcBest (NASDAQ: ARCB) , and South Norfolk (NYSE: NSC) appear to be forming buy points after a period of constructive consolidation.

Articles by Melissa Brock

The start of a new year renews the debate on whether investing in growth or investing in value is a better strategy. As Melissa Brock writes, the answer for most investors is to take a “both / and” approach. In this article, Brock outlined the merits of growth investing, how to select growth stocks, and red flags to avoid. For value investors, Brock wrote this article that teaches value investors how to do fundamental analysis, how to make sure they’re buying companies and not stocks, and buying stocks with the idea. to keep them for the long term.

7 cyclical stocks that make sense in a volatile market

Despite many predictions of an imminent, and possibly severe, market correction, 2021 has been a great year for investors. And this is especially true for investors who have invested in cyclical stocks. This equity group has been hit hard by the downturn in the economy. This makes sense because cyclical stocks move in the direction of the wider economy.

But that’s also why, almost immediately, a lot of these stocks started to come back. And with the economy reopening, these stocks continue to show strength.

Cyclical stocks typically pay dividends to companies that manufacture durable goods, non-durable goods, or provide services. At all times, one or more of these sectors outperformed the others. But for the most part, investors who bought cyclical stocks continue to be rewarded.

In this talk, we’ll take a look at seven cyclical stocks that are proving resilient even as the market continues to confuse even the most experienced investors.

Check out the “7 Cyclical Stocks That Make Sense in a Volatile Market”.



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