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Here it is Labor Day weekend and the end of summer. What a busy summer it has been. My family and I went on a trip to Norway to visit my cousins ​​which had been postponed since the start of the COVID pandemic. Although my husband and I have been there before, it was a first for our eldest son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters.

My grandfather emigrated to Minnesota in 1904 from Eidsvoll and several of my cousins ​​came to visit. We stayed with them to experience life there and toured the beautiful country by train, ferry, boat and a few electric cars. Gas is $11 a gallon, public transportation is plentiful, roundabouts are everywhere. We never saw a polystyrene cup, paper plate or plastic utensils. I envy their wonderful public libraries and had the opportunity to visit the new library in Oslo which was featured in American Libraries magazine as one of the five best in the world. One of my cousin’s daughters is a public librarian in Norway. It must be in our genes.

Janet Williams is the mayor of Savage.


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