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Nicolas Cage gets some of the best reviews of his career… for playing Nicolas Cage.

The actor’s new comedy The unbearable weight of massive talent currently has a rare 100% review score on global site Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics follow the film’s world premiere at the South by Southwest festival on Saturday night in Austin, Texas.

As there are only 15 reviews so far, it is likely that the score will drop as more reviews are added. But so far, it’s the highest-scoring film out of the 170 Cage-credited titles on the site.

In the film, Cage plays a fictionalized version of himself who was offered $1 million to appear at a mega fan’s (Pedro Pascal) birthday party. But the fan may not be what it seems, and “Cage” soon finds himself down a funhouse mirror rabbit hole of his past roles and into a Cage-style action movie.

The Hollywood ReporterJohn DeFore called it “an adventure for cultists who sought out Crazy Cage performances and forgave the misfires in between”. VarietyOwen Glieberman dubbed it “A commercial comedy that has a hilarious good time poking fun at Nicolas Cage, celebrating everything that makes him Nicolas Cage – and, in the end, actually becoming a Nicolas Cage movie, which s turns out to be both a corny thing and a special thing. IndieWire‘s Judy Dry gave it an A- and wrote, “There’s something for everyone in The unbearable weight of massive talent. It’s one of the funniest movies of the year.

The film is currently hovering over some of Cage’s best career performances in 2021 Pork (96 percent), 2002 Adaptation (90 percent), 1987 Dreamer (94%), 2011 Front/Off (92%), years 1993 western red rock (97% – an underrated and underrated title, by the way) and 1995 Leaving Las Vegas (for which Cage won the Best Actor Oscar).

the Unbearable weight the reviews are all the more ironic given Cage’s initial enormous reluctance to make the film. “I turned down three or four times, I didn’t want to be part of it,” the actor said THR in a recent candid interview. The actor also opened up about the roller coaster experience of making the film, explained why he’s taken on so many roles in recent years, and explained the method behind his acting madness.

Unbearable weight hits theaters on April 22.


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