Olivia Munn finds it strange that you have an opinion about her pregnancy


Olivia munn and John mulaney will have a baby soon, but in the meantime Mulaney has to do stand-up, taking inspiration from her life, and Munn has to promote the film. Purple and share his life in press interviews. While he joked on stage about how strange it was to announce his impending fatherhood on Seth Meyerthe late night show and get “mixed reviews,” Munn said the Los Angeles Times, “It’s hard to be pregnant for the first time and have someone say something else, like ‘Congratulations’.”

Together you feel like this is all very strange to them. Having strangers commenting on their big life event doesn’t seem like their number one idea of ​​a good time. “They think they know our relationship so well,” she said. “When in reality, they don’t. There is no way anyone can know what their relationship was or what our relationship is. “

Yes, dissecting those who analyze their relationship and other relationships is not their ideal way to spend a morning. In explaining why she preferred not to talk about specific rumors – rumors that are not explicitly stated in the article, and therefore I cannot guess here what they are talking about exactly – Munn said: “If I try to say something, I run the risk of being called rough or not telling the truth. The only way to win, for me, is to back down and not play at all. “

“There’s this vulnerability that I feel that makes me want to… turn everything off,” she added. “I’d rather close the door to that and just take care of myself and my baby.”

Maybe Munn can rejoice in knowing that motherhood for normal is mired in a nutty judgment.

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