Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Here’s Who We Are


Tommy really got kicked out of the band he started. wow.

It’s as if the founding member of your favorite childhood boy band made the right choice when the band was on the verge of mainstream popularity.

It’s a good thing there was another opportunity for him on Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 6 because without Claudia and Dahlia he would have been on a bad streak.

After Elijah and Simon died, Diamond, Jenard, and Vic all felt like Tommy was a liability. They lost people in the fight against the Serbs, but Tommy lost nothing. But is it someone’s fault?

Everyone went into this fight with their eyes wide open and knew all the risks. Life in this company isn’t for the weak, and while you’re not heading into a shootout wishing you were dead, you know it’s a possibility. So the three guys who ousted Tommy because no one he cared about died felt a little petty.

With the Serbian pipeline in hand, the four could have been an absolute force in Chicago. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be at the moment, but Tommy doesn’t even have time to worry about it because he’s already spending his redemption money before he even counts it.

I’ve been advocating for Tommy and Claudia to team up from the start because they both have something to gain from each other.

Even though Claudia has been in this business all her life, she has only been on one side of it. She didn’t have to get her hands dirty like her dad and Vic did, but she still has a skill set that is important in this area.

Tommy Talks - Power Book IV: Strength Season 1 Episode 6

On the other hand, Tommy knows everything, really, but he still hasn’t found a stable base in Chicago. He thought he had it with the guys, but his past came back to bite him and ended things before they could really begin.

So, Tommy needs another investment and Claudia needs an investor to help with the distribution. Additionally, Claudia gets the bonus of a professional bodysuit at her disposal.

Tommy: This is who we are.
Claudia: And that’s what we do.

Starting the hour with Tommy helping Claudia hide a body and ending the hour almost the same way was a great way to show Claudia’s rapid evolution. Mai was his first victim, but she would never be the last. There is death and chaos in this business, and you have to do whatever you have to do to survive.

Claudia grows as a character every week, and she’s at her best when she’s with Tommy.

With Tommy and Gloria’s relationship taking a back seat, at the moment they seem to be hinting at something between Tommy and Claudia, but I’m not sure I see it. Much like him and Liliana, Tommy and Claudia have great chemistry as allies.

Formal Reunion - Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 6

You don’t often see too many genuine smiles from Tommy, but he has them with her.

Keeping the streets from knowing who is selling dahlia will probably end up being difficult, but for now at least they have their locker system and they have at least two vending machines.

Tommy is so brilliant, man. We already knew that from Power, but it’s great to see him here making the moves he wants and showing how valuable he can be as a number one.

He and Ghost were a great team when they needed to be, but there was still an air of Ghost above Tommy in some ways. But once Ghost went legit, Tommy proved he was more than capable of doing his own thing, and we only see more of that here.

Once the dahlia hits the streets, things will get real. I imagine it won’t take long for Vic to figure out that this is the designer drug Claudia mentioned earlier, and if it explodes and gets in the way of everyone’s business, there will be a conflict.

Smoke Break - Power Book IV: Strength Season 1 Episode 6

But until this conflict arises, Diamond and Jenard will continue to benefit from the Serbian pipeline.

It felt like the first hour of a minute where Diamond and Jenard were on the same page. There’s been so much resentment on Jenard’s side, but here they actually have time to talk and make decisions together, and why can’t they keep doing that? Why can’t there be two heads of CBI?

Diamond left CBI to Jenard not just because he’s family, but because he knew he could do the job. And it’s not like Diamond doesn’t think that anymore, but he started CBI, and it’s his baby, not Jenard’s.

Jenard seems to have been hesitant to try to take the reins at the moment, but Jenard is a loose cannon. We don’t know what he will do next. Not to mention he’s still on his anti-Tommy Egan agenda.

All Tommy did was breathe, and Jenard can’t tear himself away from his neck. You got D-Mack Tommy tail for what? At this point, he should just let Tommy go and focus on the things he can control.

Hiding Out - Power Book IV: Strength Season 1 Episode 6

Poor D-Mack, I wish we knew more about what’s going on with him. He doesn’t seem to want to hurt JP. But he’s not above giving him pain by repeatedly damaging his bar. And seeing how quickly he left Jenard’s mission after seeing Tommy and JP get to know each other proves that point even more.

While Jenard was trying to set up the operation to hunt down Tommy, Diamond struck up a romantic relationship!

I want Diamond to find love in a hopeless place, but something is wrong with Adrienne. Nothing about their meeting at the restaurant looked like an accident. And his late-night “work” call was suspicious at best.

First, Bennigan won’t leave him alone, and now we have a sleazy woman showing up on his doorstep with breakfast for dinner! Diamond needs to watch his back.

Vic spent the hour challenging Walter, which will always be fun to watch. Now, bringing Gloria to Sunday dinner would most definitely send a big middle finger to her father and sister, but please never put Gloria through this.

Jenard & D-Mack Talk - Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 6

It’s a nice feeling, and maybe she needs to go just to know how serious Vic is, but what a terrible way to spend a Sunday night.

You can tell Gloria is enjoying seeing THIS Vic, who seems to make their relationship a priority. And honestly, I just want Gloria to follow her heart and do what makes her happy because she deserves it. If Vic is the source of that happiness, he should always put her first.

Of course, we never see what surely would have been a disastrous dinner because of the drive-by shooting.

Walter is so many disgusting and vile things, and he doesn’t love his children like they deserve to be loved, but he’s also willing to set the world on fire to protect them. Or is he just trying to preserve his legacy? It’s hard to tell with him.

Either way, he takes his multitude of frustrations out on the Serbs, and Tommy Flanagan is truly a master at playing villain. Evil just oozes from his pores here, and while the ripping out of the Serbian pipeline definitely started the war, Walter just picked up a match.

Diamond Grieves - Power Book IV: Strength Season 1 Episode 6

It is now.

Everything you need to know

  • Tommy in this bespoke suit, though!
  • Does the dahlia high seem a little…excessive?
  • These FBI agents are giving me major Angela Valdes vibes, as in, they’re not good at their jobs. They approach Paulie for help but give him no incentive to help them apart from not wanting to get stuck on Walter’s sinking ship. I’m sure he’s never heard that before.
Driving Around Town - Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 6
  • Power as a universe has never shunned the sexy times, but Force seems to take it to a whole new level.
  • Ghosting sucks, but Reggie was on a hundred when he could have kept it on fifty. He arrived hot, ready to kill Claudia like that! Claudia isn’t a trained killer, but she sure doesn’t hesitate.
  • I don’t blame Tommy for separating JP from his company. He has already lost a brother and he does not want to lose another.

Alright guys, we’re heading into the final episodes of the first season, and I’m curious where you see things going!

Write to me below and remember you can watch Power Book IV: Force online through TV Fanatic anytime!

Diamond At The Diner - Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 6

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