R. Roger Rowe school gymnasium gets painted


The gymnasium at R. Roger Rowe School will be repainted this summer as the Rancho Santa Fe School District Board continues to plan improvements to the facility, including a new roof.

The gymnasium, built in 1973, will be cleaned and painted a brighter white to match the rest of the new buildings on campus. Painting is done in-house at minimal cost by a painter / daytime caretaker who is employed full time by the district.

The possibility of upgrading or replacing the gymnasium has been discussed several times over the past 11 years. However, this year, the council stressed that the district should view the gymnasium as a long-term asset that needs to be nurtured.

In May, council considered work on the gymnasium fascia, the overhang between the building and the roof, and requested a further study to pair the work with a full roof replacement. At the school board meeting on July 15, Debra Vaughn-Cleff of architectural firm Studio WC provided the results of the review with Tremco, a roofing and building maintenance company: “Their opinion is that the roof is ready to be replaced.

Along with the roof replacement, Vaughn-Cleff said the district will also need to take care of the beams and soffit (the underside of the overhang) which are “in fairly poor condition” with damage and dry rot, and in addition to repair the gutters and the parapet, the wall along the edge of the roof.

Roofing work is estimated at $ 700,000 for construction and $ 1 million for the project in total. The fascia work had been estimated to be around $ 52,000.

According to Superintendent Donna Tripi, the district will consolidate the work and launch a bid in the spring of 2022, with the process scheduled for the work to be completed in the summer of 2022.

New Deputy Director appointed for R. Roger Rowe
The Rancho Santa Fe School District has selected a new Deputy Principal for the R. Roger Rowe School. At the July 15 board meeting, Superintendent Donna Tripi announced that Carrie Faulk will assume the role effective July 26.

Tripi said there were 94 candidates for the post of deputy director following John Galipault’s resignation on June 30. Galipault had been at the school since 2012 and had served as the deputy principal since 2019 – he taught science and was also the school’s sports director.

Four final candidates stood before an interview jury comprising teachers and board members from primary and secondary schools, Jee Mangani and Kali Kim. Faulk has reached the top.

Faulk brings 16 years of experience as an educator in the Escondido Union school district. For the past six years she has been teaching English language arts in sixth and eighth grades and also has a strong background in social and emotional learning. At Escondido, Faulk won Teacher of the Year honors in 2007, 2010, 2017 and 2020.

“We are delighted that she is joining our team,” said Tripi. “We think she’s going to be great.”


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