Readers praise Phil Hardberger for his stance on guns.


Right now, I can’t get a song out of my head. In 1979, Lucinda Williams recorded a traditional song with the refrain “Motherless children struggle when their mother is dead”.

According to Guttmacher Institute75% of women who have an abortion struggle to put food on the table and 60% of women already have children.

In the Turnaway study with 1,000 participants over five years, researchers learned that women who were denied abortions became even poorer, experienced more evictions, and were more likely to have abortions. being in abusive or single relationships. Their children were also less likely to reach their developmental milestones.

Finally, a demographer estimates that after a year of national ban on abortion, black women, who already have three times the maternal mortality rate of whites, will see their mortality increase by 33%.

Dr. Deborah McNabb

Supreme Hypocrites

We have seen Supreme Court justices do exactly what they said and testified in hearings they would not do: legislate ex officio and ignore precedent.

This was only made possible by Judge Neil Gorsuch occupying what should have been Merrick Garland’s seat and Amy Coney Barrett replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I would argue that the recent Second Amendment and abortion rulings would have been different had Chief Justice John Roberts been the deciding vote. More appalling is Sen. Mitch McConnell’s ruthless tactics to install the 6-3 Conservative majority.

How does a country that clearly votes Democratic, by popular vote, end up with a conservative court?

Jorge de la Garza

Gun violence

Respect for Cornyn grows

I’ve been a moderate Republican all my life, but I often find myself voting Democrat because of what happened to Senator John Cornyn at the Republican convention in Texas, where moderates like me can’t be heard because of the boos and gross disrespect.

There was a time when someone who held high office was respected for the office he held. Respect is one of the values ​​that we are losing, along with our democracy.

These ultra-conservative loyalists don’t understand that doing something to help control the use of guns by people who pose a threat to themselves or anyone else helps prevent the kind of murder fool committed at Uvalde.

Cornyn stood up to me when he chose to craft bipartisan support for reasonable gun safety issues. We want to feel safe in our cars, our homes and our schools.

Mary Baird

Defend the Americans

Re: “The Problem Is Simple: It’s Assault Rifles”, Another View, by Phil Hardberger, and “Stop the Violence Before It Happens”, Another View, by Tony Gonzales, June 19:

These two opinion pieces illustrate a very different approach to tackling a most pressing issue. One is from a former elected official, Phil Hardberger, and the other is from a current elected official, Tony Gonzales. Spoiler alert: I’m going with Hardberger.

The time has come for Congress to address gun violence. Courage and the will to fight for the American public are in order. One of the responsibilities of our elected officials is to represent our communities for the greater good.

Throwing millions of dollars at various programs to make our communities safer without addressing gun culture and the lack of gun safety regulations in our country is an expensive band-aid. That an 18 year old can buy weapons of war is one of the problems that must be tackled. Tragedy prevention starts with common sense solutions. This is what we demand in our communities.

Mark E. Pope

Hardberger speaks the truth

Thank you for printing Phil Hardberger’s guest column on our country’s struggle with the Second Amendment. His comments are fair and articulate without speaking over people’s heads. We need more single speakers and less pontification, more action and less “thoughts and prayers”.

Christine M. Crowley

Ban assault weapons

Former San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger really hit the nail on the head with his opinion piece last Sunday. It’s the guns, silly. You can’t kill someone with an assault rifle if you can’t get an assault rifle.

It’s time they were banned from civilian property or use. It is strictly a military weapon and should be treated as such. Tell the National Rifle Association where to go.

Ray Bluhm, Fredericksburg

Chronicle of poetry

Words have the power to heal

It is sadly ironic that at the same time as we mourn the passing of Texas Poet Laureate Emeritus Rosemary Catacalos, referred to in this newspaper as “the soul of our city”, the Express-News interrupted the poetry column of the sunday.

As a former director of Gemini Ink Writers in Communities, I saw how poetry often served as a lifeline for incarcerated and at-risk youth (and everything young people are at risk). Poetry provides a safe space to process difficult emotions and experiences. Well-known research by UT professor and psychologist James Pennebaker shows the connection between language and healing from trauma.

Poems don’t take up much space, but they can open up worlds. In this age of gun worship and violence, we desperately need to understand the power of words to heal and inspire.

Please bring back the poetry column. We need it more than ever.

Betty Butler


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