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American rapper Lil Baby arrested in Paris for transporting cannabis – source

French police have arrested American rapper Dominique Jones, who calls himself Lil Baby, for allegedly transporting cannabis, a judicial source said on Friday, confirming a previous AFP report. Lil Baby was arrested Thursday afternoon and has been in detention since, the source said. He was with NBA basketball player James Harden at the time of his arrest.

Cannes rock documentary Velvet Underground seeks to inspire new fans

Filmmaker Todd Haynes said he hopes to reach a new generation of fans with a documentary about rock and roll band The Velvet Underground, which features scenes shot by Andy Warhol that capture New York’s intoxicating creative energy in 1960s.

“The Velvet Underground,” premiering at the Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera, is slated for release on Apple TV + in October, and Haynes said he’s happy to try and reach new audiences this way, too.

Matt Damon unveils film inspired by Amanda Knox at Cannes

Matt Damon said on Friday he immersed himself for weeks in Oklahoma with oil rig workers for his role as a disoriented American who travels to France to help his imprisoned daughter, in a vaguely new film inspired by the real case of Amanda Knox. The American actor – who brought back a dose of Hollywood glamor to the Cannes Film Festival red carpet after the COVID-19 pandemic derailed the event last year – said he spent time in drive and live with the so-called thugs of the Republican state to capture the state of mind of his character in “Stillwater”.

FTC expands investigation into Amazon and MGM deal – source’s deal to buy the MGM movie studio for $ 8.5 billion points to an extended investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, after a source familiar with the matter said on Friday the agency had issued a second request in its review of the merger. The issuance of a second request indicated that it would likely take months for the agency to act on the deal.

“Like a rebirth”: Americans pack reopened concert halls for a summer of music

Pamela Pickens rocked her hips as her husband Tom led her in an impromptu dance to the sound of guitarist Studebaker John at Chicago’s famous blues bar, Kingston Mines. The couple, wearing fedora hats and broad smiles, had driven five hours from their home in Southeast Indiana to visit their favorite blues club, which had recently reopened for shows after a year of closure. due to COVID-19.

Set in Chad, the Cannes film ‘Lingui’ explores the struggles against abortion

The director behind “Lingui,” a Cannes Film Festival entry on a teenage girl’s battle in Chad to get an abortion, said on Friday he hoped the story would resonate far beyond the African country, including in places like the United States where there are anti-abortion voices. Mahamet-Saleh Haroun said he was inspired to explore the issue after reading stories about babies abandoned or killed by their young mothers in Chad, where abortion is only allowed in specific cases where life of a woman is in danger.

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