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UK plans to relax post-Brexit immigration rules to end truck driver shortage – The Times

British ministers will consider easing post-Brexit immigration rules to help end a shortage of truck drivers amid mounting pressure from supermarket chains, The Times reported. A review of the shortage occupations list, which gives employers more flexibility to hire recruits from overseas, could be brought forward to address an estimated shortfall of 100,000 drivers, the newspaper said, citing a government source. anonymous.

Analysis: Islamic State attack signals the West’s least bad option for Afghanistan – the Taliban

The deadly attack on Kabul airport underscored the realpolitik facing Western powers in Afghanistan: engaging with the Taliban may be their best chance to prevent the country from sinking into fertile ground for Islamist militancy . Nearly two weeks after the Taliban’s surprise return to power, European officials are starting to recognize that their pragmatic option is to put aside loathing for the country’s new rulers and work with them instead.

U.S. intelligence community says it can’t solve COVID mystery without China

The U.S. intelligence community doesn’t think it can resolve a debate over whether a Chinese lab incident was the source of COVID-19 without further information, U.S. officials said in a declassified summary on Friday. U.S. officials have said only China can help resolve questions about the true origins of the virus that has now killed 4.6 million people worldwide. “China’s cooperation would most likely be needed to come to a conclusive assessment of the origins of COVID-19,” they said.

Indigenous Brazilians burn giant coffin in protest over vital land decision

On Friday, a group of around 150 indigenous people protested outside the Brazilian presidential palace, setting fire to a giant coffin that had been carried during a protest ahead of a landmark Supreme Court ruling on their ancestral lands. The group was a small part of some 6,000 indigenous people from 176 tribes who descended on the capital to denounce a proposal setting a 1988 deadline for their land claims.

UK says more can be done for Afghans who have arrived in Britain

The British government recognized that more could be done to help and assist Afghan nationals and their families to settle in Britain as they fled Afghanistan following its takeover by the Taliban . Britain earlier announced plans to welcome up to 5,000 Afghans fleeing the Taliban in the first year of a new resettlement program that will prioritize women, girls and religious and other minorities. .

China will soon overtake Russia as nuclear threat – senior US military official

China, amid a rapid build-up of nuclear weapons, will soon overtake Russia as the main US nuclear threat, a senior US military official said on Friday, warning the two countries have no mechanism. to avoid communication problems. US Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas Bussiere, deputy commander of the US strategic command, which oversees the country’s nuclear arsenal, said China’s nuclear capability development “can no longer be aligned” with his statement public opinion that it wants to maintain a minimum of nuclear deterrence. .

Biden to Israeli PM: US has options if Iranian nuclear diplomacy fails

US President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett during the White House talks on Friday that he was putting “diplomacy first” in an attempt to curb Iran’s nuclear program, but if negotiations failed he would be ready to look to other unspecified options. After a one-day delay due to a suicide bombing in Kabul during the chaotic US evacuation from Afghanistan, Biden and Bennett held their first meeting in an effort to restore US relations. Israeli forces and reduce differences over how to handle Iran’s nuclear developments.

Afghan journalist Sarwary: Leaving was the most painful trip of my life

Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary began his career in 2001 helping cover the US bombing of Afghanistan and the subsequent fall of the Taliban. Never in the 20 years that have passed since he imagined that Kabul would once again fall into the hands of the militant Islamist group, he said. Fearing retaliation, Sarwary and her family were evacuated to Qatar along with more than 150 other people, including other journalists and artists, days before the Islamic State suicide bombing on Thursday https: //www.reuters .com / world / asia-pacific / western-nations-race-complete-afghan-evacuation-deadline-looms-2021-08-25 outside Kabul airport.

Pentagon says Kabul bombing was carried out by suicide bomber

A deadly bombing in Kabul, the Afghan capital, was carried out Thursday by a single suicide bomber at the airport gate and there was no second explosion at a nearby hotel, the Pentagon announced on Friday. The Kabul airport attack, which killed 13 US soldiers and at least 79 Afghans, has been claimed by Islamic State militants. Islamic State’s Afghan affiliate ISIS-Khorosan has become an enemy of both the West and the Taliban.

US on alert for further attacks in Kabul in race to complete evacuations

U.S. forces helping to evacuate Afghans desperate to flee the Taliban regime were on alert for further attacks on Friday after an Islamic State suicide bombing outside Kabul airport killed in at least 92 people, including 13 American soldiers. The White House has said that the next few days of an ongoing US evacuation operation which the Pentagon says has brought about 111,000 people out of Afghanistan in the past two weeks will likely be the most dangerous https: / / us / advisers-warned-biden-significant-danger-ahead-afghan-mission-official-2021-08-27.

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