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Vaccinated Mr. President? We’ll take your word for it, says the UN

The United Nations honor system for COVID-19 vaccination will remain in place for presidents, prime ministers and diplomats who enter the General Assembly Hall next week and they are not required to present evidence vaccination. General Assembly President Abdulla Shahid on Thursday informed the 193 UN member states of the plan in a letter, seen by Reuters, after telling them on Tuesday that he supported a New York City request according to which proof was required and would work with UN chief Antonio. Guterres to implement it.

Australia agrees to increase US air deployments after sub-deal

Australia and the United States on Thursday announced expanded military cooperation, including rotational deployments of all types of U.S. military aircraft to Australia, a day after the announcement of a submarine deal denounced by China as stepping up a regional arms race.

Speaking after meetings between the Foreign and Defense Ministers of the United States and Australia, Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton said the two sides would “significantly strengthen our cooperation on posture of strength, increase interoperability and deepen alliance activities in the Indo-Pacific. “

Glasgow climate summit may fail, UN chief warns

UN chief Antonio Guterres said a critical climate change meeting later this year in Scotland is likely to fail due to mistrust between developed and developing countries and lack of targets ambitious among some emerging economies. The UN COP26 conference in Glasgow aims to get much more ambitious climate action from participants around the world and the money to go with it. Scientists said last month that global warming is about to get out of hand.

Kono considered top contender as Japanese Prime Minister’s race about to start

The candidates for the post of Japanese prime minister officially launch their campaigns on Friday, with popular vaccine minister Taro Kono expected to be the main candidate to replace Yoshihide Suga. The leadership race of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) took an unexpected turn two weeks ago when Suga announced he would step down japans-ruling-party-execs- meet-pm-suga-struggles-ahead-election-2021-09-03, triggering a heated fight.

Canada’s Trudeau hammers the COVID-19 approach of his main electoral rival

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, seeking to carve out a lead ahead of Monday’s election, accused his main rival on Thursday of showing weak leadership in the fight against COVID-19. Opinion polls show that Trudeau’s center-left Liberals are effectively on par with center-right Tories led by Erin O’Toole and risk failing in their attempt to win a parliamentary majority.

Under surveillance as part of murder investigation, Haitian prime minister receives international support

A group of prominent Haiti-based diplomats have met with Prime Minister Ariel Henry and said they support his efforts to resolve the country’s political crisis, a vote of confidence apparent as he faces accusations of links with the murder of President Jovenel Moise. A public prosecutor said on Friday recordings of phone calls showed that Henry had spoken twice with the alleged mastermind behind Moise’s murder just hours after it took place on July 7.

Hong Kong teachers quit under shadow of safety law, schools scramble to fill gaps

For his last class in Hong Kong in July, liberal studies professor Fong showed his students a calligraphy by the late Democratic activist from the territory Szeto Wah: “Choose the right path and stick to it”. He emigrated to Britain a few days later. Fong is one of many teachers who left Hong Kong before the start of the school year in September, with some saying they felt disillusioned and threatened by the authoritarian turn the city has taken since Beijing imposed a law. strict on national security in June 2020.

EL Salvador drafts controversial constitutional amendment proposal

El Salvador’s vice president handed the final proposal for constitutional changes to President Nayib Bukele, including an extension of the presidential term and a new electoral tribunal, the government said on Thursday. The president’s legal adviser, Javier Argueta, said in an interview with a local television station that Bukele will review and study the proposals before sending them to Congress, where Bukele’s party has a large majority.

Bolsonaro support hits new low ahead of Brazil vote in 2022, poll finds

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s popularity has reached the lowest point in his tenure, according to a Datafolha poll on Thursday, with 53% of respondents disapproving of him ahead of a presidential election next year. The poll’s last poll, in July, showed that 51% of those polled disapproved of the former captain of the far-right army. This month’s poll showed 22% rated it good or excellent, compared to 24% in the previous poll.

Blinken calls on France a vital partner in the Indo-Pacific in apparent aim of calming French fury

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Thursday that France was a “vital partner” in the Indo-Pacific region and that Washington would continue to cooperate with Paris, comments which appeared to be aimed at allaying French anger after the United States. , Australia and the United Kingdom. landed a historic defense export contract to supply Australia with submarines. The three countries announced Wednesday that they will establish an Indo-Pacific security partnership that will help Australia acquire US nuclear-powered submarines and cancel the $ 40 billion agreement on submarines. French designed sailors.

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