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As Miami Herald syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. recently pointed out, it has unfortunately become a common refrain that “there is no more freedom.”

“Can’t you smoke in a movie theater?” Can’t turn your music up at 2 a.m.? Can’t display the Ten Commandments in a courtroom? ” he wrote. “There is no more freedom. Some of you seem to think that freedom means that no one can be compelled to do or refrain from doing anything. But it’s not freedom, it’s anarchy. “

Then there are the sad stories from many restaurants that have been reopened but require customers to wear masks except while eating and drinking, as health officials recommend.

Hosts, workers whose job it is to remind people to put on their masks, are regularly attacked.

“They yelled at me. My fingers were in my face. They insulted me. They threw something at me,” said a host interviewed by The New York Times. “I’ve never been shouted like this before in my life, until I asked people to just put a piece of cloth over their face that I wore eight to ten hours a day.”

Meanwhile, William Falk, editor of “The Week” news magazine, wrote in his comment last week that “Denmark is beating COVID”.

“The Danish government recently announced that the virus is no longer a ‘critical threat’ there, and has lifted its requirements for vaccinations and masks for indoor activities,” he noted, adding that the death toll in Denmark per million citizens is only 22% of that of the United States, and daily deaths there have fallen to less than 10. Meanwhile, our deaths again rise to more 2,000 per day.


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