Reviews | Trump misses January 6 phone logs: Three big takeaways


That means there’s a big black hole in the record when it comes to Trump’s conversations throughout the period when mobs attacked the Capitol and violence raged for several hours.

The documents, which were handed over to the House select committee reviewing Jan. 6, show that Trump received numerous calls before 11 a.m. and after 6 p.m. that were apparently related to the coup effort. This suggests that Trump held numerous insurgency-related calls between those two times that are not officially accounted for.

Here are three great takeaways:

The non-cooperation of Trump allies makes this story worse.

We already know that Trump spoke to many key players by phone as the violence unfolded, thanks to dogged reporting and the committee’s investigation from Jan. 6 until now.

Calls like these are among those that should be in the phone logs, but aren’t. The Post reports that the committee is investigating whether Trump used burn phones during this time, but whatever we learn about this whole story is compounded by the fact that these key players are refuse cooperation with the committee.

But it’s also likely that Trump has come to see the violence as useful in intimidating his vice president, Mike Pence, and possibly lawmakers, too, into carrying out the plan to delay the election count. Trump would have called at least one GOP senator to urge him to help delay the count while the violence ragedanother call that does not appear in the logs.

“He was using the influence of the violent insurgency to keep the internal political coup against Pence going,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a Jan. 6 committee member, told me.

So the denial of participation by key players who spoke to Trump during this time – and could inform his potential understanding of violence as a weapon to complete the procedural coup – is the other element of the cover-up. This makes missing phone logs even worse.

“Most people who don’t cooperate with the committee are helping to shield Trump from public disclosure of what happened during this time,” Raskin said.

The Jan 6 committee may already have missing call records.

It’s unclear why the phone logs are missing records from that seven-hour period — the committee is also investigating that — and, truth be told, the explanation might not end up being outrageous.

But either way, the committee might be able to back up many of Trump’s calls during that time, anyway, and maybe it already has.

This is because the committee has already subpoenaed the phone records of some of these key players, as CNN recently reported, and that includes Meadows. The committee has already started receiving some of this information, per CNN.

The thing is, calls between Trump and the likes of Meadows and McCarthy can be confirmed through this other route. This won’t reveal what happened in the calls, but, by further confirming the calls not listed in Trump’s logs, it will illustrate what they are missing.

As Brian Beutler notes, the missing phone logs give sordid new meaning to McCarthy’s recent threat that a GOP-controlled house will punish telecommunications companies that cooperate with the committee:

The hole in the logs bolsters the case for the committee to ignore McCarthy’s threats and proceed to piece together those phone records, to see what’s missing from Trump’s logs.

The case for subpoenaing lawmakers may have just grown stronger.

The committee is debating whether to subpoena members of Congress like McCarthy and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who also spoke to Trump on January 6. A person close to the committee tells me that the missing phone logs could strengthen the case internally for subpoenas because there should be more pressure on those lawmakers to testify about those calls with Trump.

Whether to subpoena lawmakers is a complicated question with no obvious answers. Needless to say, they would resist and slow down the subpoenas, probably with great success.

But even so, whatever we learn about the missing phone logs, the subpoenas issued to these lawmakers — combined with their resistance — could starkly illustrate to the public just how determined Trump’s allies are to help whitewash his attempt. of insurgency, which has sparked the worst American political violence in recent times. Memory.


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