Ron DeSantis denounces 6th Circuit ‘terrible decision’ on OSHA vax mandate review


A case involving the vaccine mandates of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will not be heard immediately by the whole United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit and Gouv. Ron DeSantis continues to escalate its rhetoric in response.

In a national interview on Sunday, the governor lambasted the court’s decision to send the case back to a panel of three judges for preliminary examination, calling it a “terrible decision”.

DeSantis went from a fairly subdued stance earlier in the week to a more shrill tone on Sunday. His intensified rhetoric does not appear to reflect any change in the case itself in recent days.

“Well, first of all, on the OSHA mandate, I thought it was a terrible decision. This is only a panel of three judges. I thought the whole Circuit in 6th would have definitely canceled that out. I think we’re going to get positive relief from the United States Supreme Court on this, ”DeSantis said on Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures.

DeSantis took note of Florida’s law against vaccination warrants, but said it was “important” nonetheless that the warrant not be authorized.

“We absolutely have to win this case in the Supreme Court,” added DeSantis.

The rhetoric has become more urgent from DeSantis, although the reasons are unclear given that the decision to send the case back to the panel was made a few days ago.

In Ocala on Friday, the governor asserted that the panel, “which may not be representative of the entire tribunal”, could temporarily restore the mandate, which is stayed for the moment.

“I was surprised by it. You could end up with what I see as an unfavorable panel decision, ”DeSantis warned. “And then it might go to the full court, and then the rule is declared unconstitutional.” But I am confident in the end result. The way you get there is a little tricky. “

“Who knows, they might lift the stay on this. I hope not, ”added DeSantis. “I’m not predicting it. But I think it’s something that didn’t necessarily need to go.

DeSantis offered similar warnings at another press conference on Thursday, saying he was “a little surprised” and “disappointed” to see the 8-8 court vote to send the case to a panel of three judges , even if it is his custom.

“But you know, there are a lot of things that could potentially depend on that, and if they were to cancel the stay or cancel the injunction, boy,” the governor told Yulee.

The rule would affect large companies in the new year, forcing companies with 100 or more employees to require full vaccination or weekly testing for those not considered fully vaccinated.

Florida prohibited vaccination mandates from employers, but much of the country does not.

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