SAM’S CORNER: Finally back to McKale, internship update and Marvel movie review


Hello Wildcat fans!

We’re finally back at McKale! It had been a while since we last played at home, almost three weeks. It was good to come back and play in front of our fans. We were a little rusty but we got the win over North Dakota State and our next game is Sunday against New Mexico at 1pm. This is our last game at McKale for 2021.

Apart from that, I finished my final exams for my classes, I had two ten page assignments and then I had to finish my last week of internship. I will no longer be an intern at the SID office, but will still be there from time to time. It was a great experience for me and I met new people from different departments that I had not yet seen for our basketball games.

I have a lot of respect and a new understanding of behind the scenes of sporting events.


After I finished my final, I rewarded myself by going to the movies. Lucas and I went to see Eternals at Roadhouse. I’ve never been a Marvel fan and I always complain every time I go to see one because people are so passionate about Marvel movies and the way they all connect. I’ve only seen about 5 Marvel movies and it was never my first choice to see them. I also have a short attention span when it comes to movies (unless it’s romance movies), so two hours is my maximum time until I log out.

Of course, all Marvel movies are still almost three hours long and then you have to stick around after the credits roll. These just aren’t my favorite type of movies. However, after watching Eternal, I think I might have found my favorite Marvel movie. I’m not going to spoil anything but the plot was very good and I highly recommend everyone to watch it.

Plus, Roadhouse has the best jalapeño popcorn.

Sam thomas is a senior executive with Adia barnes return program for its fifth season in 2021-2022 as granted by the NCAA due to last season impacted by the COVID-19 protocol. She agreed to write a weekly column on His Arizona honors include:

2021 Pac-12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year
2021 CoSIDA First Team Academic All-American
Elite 90 award winner
2021 All-Pac-12
2020 All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention
2020 & 2021 Pac-12 All-Defense
Winter Academic Honor Roll 2020 & 2021 Pac-12
First academic team from all districts CoSIDA 2019
2019 All-Academic Pac-12 First Team
2018 Pac-12 All-Freshman
2018 Arizona Athletics Female Freshman of the Year


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