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Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad received rave reviews from three city commissioners, while two of his most ardent critics gave him the lowest possible marks.

Goad received the highest possible 5 consecutive from Mayor John Dailey and Commissioners Dianne Williams-Cox and Curtis Richardson. Commissioner Jeremy Matlow gave it a 1 and Jack Porter gave it a 1.4. The reviews will be included in a future agenda for discussion by the commissioners.

The annual performance reviews of Goad bosses were obtained through a request for public documents by the Tallahassee Democrat and further punctuate the current 3-2 split on city commission, as well as on economic development issues.

How did he do it? See City Manager Reese Goad’s full reviews

Dailey, William-Cox and Richardson submitted their ratings on an administrative model and a numerical formula to assess Goad’s performance over the past year.

The criteria were reduced to seven categories: economic development, impact on poverty, organizational effectiveness, public infrastructure, public safety, public trust and quality of life.

Matlow, elected in 2018, and Porter avoided the form and only submitted short letters as criticism.

The “1” rating awarded by Matlow in the context of the annual performance review is not that surprising. He made no effort in his disdain for Goad’s work and in 2019 posted his scathing assessment on Twitter in which he expressed doubts about Goad’s suitability for the job.

He said he no longer trusted Goad, a sentiment he echoed in the recent review while raising concerns about the city’s management.

Porter, who is in her first year in office, has expressed similar concerns saying she would like to see more collegiality instead of political clashes.

Of each of the three positive opinions, only Williams-Cox commented on areas for improvement. Goad thanked the three commissioners for their leadership in his own written comments. No response was included in Matlow and Porter’s review.

2019 review:

Goad was hired in September 2018 as city manager with a starting salary of $ 194,361. This has grown to over $ 274,000 per year.

Here is what the Commissioners had to say in their reviews.

Mayor John Dailey

“I appreciate your commitment to the city of Tallahassee,” wrote Dailey, who gave a rating of 5 across all levels. “Thank you for a great year.” He did not detail areas for improvement or outstanding performance.

Goad responded by saying he had spoken with city staff about the past year and thanked Dailey.

“Your leadership, your vision and your challenge to consistently excel for Tallahassee are appreciated and make a big difference,” Goad wrote.

Jeremy Matlow

“I continue to believe that our city would be better served by a change in the management of the city,” wrote Matlow. “Unfortunately, the breakdown in communication and your operational style does not give me confidence that we are delivering the transparent, open and people-centered government that the people of Tallahassee expect.”

Jack Porter

“I would like to thank you for your service to this city and for your support on a number of issues. Having said that, I have serious doubts about the direction of the administration of our city under your leadership,” he said. wrote Porter in a letter page.

She said she would like to see more emphasis on cooperation, openness in pre-meeting communications and emphasis on day-to-day functions “as opposed to working for controversial political ends.”

“I feel like my contribution is often overlooked or reduced to predetermined action plans. I often feel constrained by a work process that discourages the open and public exchange of ideas and takes liberties. excessive with the direction of the commission. “

Curtis richardson

Richardson noted outstanding performance in leadership and responsiveness, but did not suggest areas for improvement.

“Thank you for your leadership,” Goad replied. “Your advice and guidance is always appreciated. It is a pleasure to work for you.

Diane williams-cox

Of the favorable reviews, Williams-Cox submitted the longest review and explained the areas where she saw outstanding improvement and performance.

She noted how his suggestions in previous reviews of Goad have been taken into account, but would like to see him “tell more of our story about all the work that has been done to move our city forward”.

“Mr. Goad and his team have done an exceptional job on staff compensation, especially after not receiving a raise last year,” she wrote. “The package put in place created some challenges. positive and upsetting situations for many staff. ”

Goad thanked her in turn: “It is a pleasure to work under your direction,” he wrote.

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