Sorina Faier: How to make job offers more attractive to candidates?


Recruitment has never been so competitive as it is today. With so many opportunities, applicants are harder to convince that you are the right employer for them and that the job you are offering is a good choice.

By Sorina Faier, Managing Partner at Elite Searchers

When you hire on digital platforms, you are often competing with hundreds of other job openings. Some opportunities may boast a more recognizable business name or more attractive compensation. Below are 10 tips for creating an eye-catching job posting:

1. Optimize your job titles

Add keywords that can attract your target candidates!

2. Digital transformation and automation are becoming a priority.

Candidates are curious about your investment and your development in technical tools, ERP

3. Advertise compensation / benefits on job postings.

Jobs with a stated salary attract up to 30% more applicants.

For more than 70% of people who drop out, salary is the main reason for moving to another place of work. If they know you are offering more, they will be much more likely to see you as their next employer.

4. Ideal length and requirements of the job description

  • What technical skills would you need?
  • What personal characteristics would be useful?
  • Would a certain professional background be appropriate?
  • How many years of experience would they need? Is this an entry-level position or do you need more seniority?
  • Report line
  • Team
  • Degree

5. Show candidates that your business is a fun and safe place to work. Why choose you and your job?

Give them information about your organizational culture, your values, the measures you have taken to comply with COVID-19 security protocols. Be authentic about who you are as an employer!

6. Tell them you are a flexible employer (work-life balance) – remote work, flexible hours, hybrid work.

7. Location is also very important even if they work remotely for a few days.

8. Contact details

9. Use pictures or videos!

Using actual images or videos of your office and current team gives more authenticity to your job posting. 45% said they were more drawn to images, compared to 35% who said they were more drawn to job postings with videos.

ten. Application process and feedback

Define the application process. Applicants want to know what happens next after they apply. Set expectations for when they will receive feedback from you.

Be aware that over 50% of job seekers quit after reading negative reviews about a company on employer review sites and over 60% of applicants say they would not work for a company with a bad job rating. reputation, even for a raise.


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